May 22, 2016

Magnum Force


After quite a while from when we covered DIRTY HARRY, we finally get onto it's first sequel MAGNUM FORCE.

With this one we discuss the film and how it feels somewhat like an apology, for the unapologetic character of Harry Callahan.

Whilst we do stick to reviewing the film, we do go off on some little tangents (nothing as drastic as last weeks show), but then again, it wouldn't be an MMC episode without a tangent or three, right?

Also, please listen for more info on the status of our youtube channel


May 15, 2016

The (Not So) Brides of Dracula


What's up gang? We're back with a new episode this week, however, the film we cover THE BRIDES OF DRACULA is really only like a mini review of about 15 minutes contained within the episode.

The rest of this episode is us riffing on a ton of stuff that is going on. We apologise if you were looking a full comprehensive review of this flick, unfortunately we weren't too enamoured with this film, and struggled to provide a full length conversation on it.

However as stated, we do talk about a bunch of other stuff, some of it will be deemed offensive to thin skinned social justice warriors, but what the hey? That's the way it goes.

Anyway, we'll back next week with another episode, and we promise, a more in depth review of the film we cover, for now though, enjoy us just shooting the breeze (mostly).
See ya next week.


May 8, 2016

The Twilight Zone - Volume 1


This week the guys (well 2 of them, Hunter is missing on this one) go back in time and discuss 2 episodes of the magnificent, unparalleled classic television show The Twilight Zone. 

We discuss the episodes STATIC and also ESCAPE CLAUSE. We also talk about when times were much simpler, and how at times, we wish we could back to that life of simplicity.

So sit back, and take this journey into another dimension, back to a time when television was actually worth watching.

See ya next week.


May 1, 2016

Bride of Re-Animator


Weesssssttt.....YOU BASTARD!!!! With those words, we kick off to the sequel to one of the most original horror movies in many years Re-Animator, with Bride of Re-Animator.

On this episode, Hunter and Stu look at this much maligned film, which has just received an incredible blu ray release by Arrow.

We talk the film, the blu ray release and we also pay tribute to a podcasting giant - Vince Rotolo of the legendary B-Movie Cast who we sadly lost a few days ago.

So sit back and get yourself a very rare fill of horror from the MMC.



Apr 24, 2016

The Naked Spur

John and Hunter explore the dark side of all-American good guy Jimmy Stewart in Anthony Mann's brooding western, The Naked Spur, co-starring the great Ralph Meeker, the beautiful Janet Leigh, the charismatic Robert Ryan, and the salty Millard Mitchell. Be sure to rate us on iTunes and leave a review if you want to support the show!


Apr 17, 2016

Orion: The Man Who Would Be King


What do you get when you have a man who sounds exactly like Elvis, and wears a mask to hide his identity performing AFTER Elvis Presley's death in 1977? You get Orion AKA Jimmy Ellis, and his incredible story.

This week, we look at the excellent documentary Orion: The Man Who Would be King. Who was Orion?, What sort of shockwaves did he send in the late 1970's and early 1980's? And just how did it ultimately affect the man behind the mask - Jimmy Ellis?

This is a fascinating documentary, and an incredible story to boot.

Please note: We do drift off for 5 minutes to talk about the latest Cheap Trick album, only because it is so damn good and we couldn't help ourselves.

Anyway, sit back, listen and learn the amazing tale of Orion.

Go follow and support the filmmaker of Orion on Twitter HERE

Or, follow the Documentary's page on Facebook HERE

Or go to the website, for all VOD and other information HERE

See ya next week

Apr 10, 2016

Heavy Metal Gangs of Wadeye

Hey you white fellas, you know what we got here? A podcast review brudda, on the cult documentary HEAVY METAL GANGS OF WADEYE.

Also, them Midnight Movie Cowboys white boys got Garo in on this episode too.

You know, this episode is pretty offensive, so don't be playing at work and stuff, or they may kill and skin you like the kangaroo in this documentary.

Anyway, if you are wondering what the hell we are talking about, then watch these first. Or watch em later brudda, up to you.

Remember, Billy Idol for life bitches, OK?

Apr 3, 2016

Hard ‘N Heavy Vol. 1


Well folks, we are back from our Easter break, and laying upon you all the wonder of the video magazine. Remember those? Nope, not many of you would. Well in this episode, we cover (and we have been threatening it for a while now) Vol. 1 of the Hard Rockin' gem known as the Hard 'N Heavy video magazine.

In this issue, we break down every part of this video, the ridiculous interviews, the Nu 4 U section, what does Lemmy have  in his Trick or Treat bag? And who the f**k are The Party Ninjas?

As promised in the episode, here is the video to the awesome track 'Fatman' by Mammoth.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this episode, we will cover Vol. 2 sometime down the line. In the meantime, remember, if it's lewd, crude and rude, it's HARD N HEAVY!!!!


Mar 21, 2016

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny


John and Hunter talk the unawaited sequel Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, as well as the future of AC/DC...


Mar 13, 2016

Stephen Chow’s CJ7


This week, while Stuart is off preying on broken-down tourists in the Outback, John and Hunter discuss Stephen Chow's under-appreciated masterpiece CJ7, Chow's other films from Hong Kong, and movies about toys and childhood in general. 

Be sure to like us on Facebook (join our group for discussion too), as well as subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!

Mar 6, 2016

Death Race 2000


Hey all, back with a new episode, and this time we delve into the world of fast cars, senseless violence and beautiful women. Of course, we are talking none other, than the 1975 cult classic DEATH RACE 2000.
Who couldn't resist a film, where David Carradine, resplendent in his auto-erotic fixation garb, is named Frankenstein, or Sylvester Stallone - who has the worst case of crooked mouth ever, in any of his films, fires a tommy gun into the throng of onlookers in the audience, or nudity of beautiful women, strictly for the sake of nudity or.... ok, you get the picture.
Anyway, it all makes for another fun filled episode, of course we drift off onto our usual tangents, but then, it truly wouldn't be an MMC episode if we didn't, right?
Finally, please excuse the dodgy audio, Stuart's recording and mic had some technical difficulties, the impact should be minimal, but hey, we are just giving you all a heads up.
See ya next week.

Feb 28, 2016

Stay Away from Captain Howdy


Stay Away, from Captain Howdy. Keep right away, not because he is scary or anything, it's because this film BLOWS. Yes, that's right folks, we venture into very rare territory this week - Horror, What with John absent for this one, Stu and Hunter, both fans of Dee Snider, decided to look at his 1998 effort - Strangeland.
What we discovered, was a clumsily written, and poorly made film, that looked solely into trying to turn the Captain Howdy character into a franchise, ala Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees etc etc.
We also discuss Dee and his recently defunct podcast, plus of course Twisted Sister. Like we say, we are fans of Dee, but we call this film for what it is....remember, stay away, right away from Captain Howdy.
See ya next week

Feb 21, 2016

Capturing the Mexicans….with Soopermexican!!


After a very long absence from the show, we are finally joined again, by the legendary Soopermexican, to talk CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS, the very uplifting, family documentary... if your family is as messed up as this one that is.
We talk at length, some very heavy issues in this one, such as the heinous act of child abuse (of which is the central theme to the documentary). We also discuss some other things that leave us dumbfounded, such as Black History Month, Donald Trump, what is wrong with The Netherlands, and Soopermexican threatens to leave America if the Democrats get in.
It all makes for another fun filled episode, we hope the humour can counteract the depressive nature of the topic at hand.
See ya next week.
P.S - A big thanks to Soopermexican for the artwork, go follow him on twitter HERE

Feb 14, 2016

John Woo’s The Killer


It's Valentine's Day on the day of this episodes release, and what says love and romance better than John Woo's THE KILLER. On this weeks episode, we look at this heavily lauded action thriller, that set John Woo apart from other filmmakers out there.

We also riff on politics, Dee Snider, the Superbowl and also Rob Zombie. Oh, and we are joined on this one by the Armenian madman Garo Nigoghossian too.

Not Safe For Work, blah blah blah.

Feb 7, 2016

Dawn of the Dead Format


Betamax, VHS, DiscoVision, Laserdisc, VCD, what do all these formats have in common? They're all dead, and with the death knell for DVD already ushered in, is there one for blu ray on the horizon?
On this episode, we discuss the death of these formats, along with, is there still a place, and what sort of life span is left for DVD and Blu Ray?
We were meant to have covered RIO BRAVO on this episode, we explain why that never transpired. Fear not, we will cover it in the very near future.
See ya next week.

Jan 31, 2016

The Yakuza


Konnichiwa. This week here on the MMC we head to the streets of Japan and discuss the 1974 flick THE YAKUZA. How does it fare up after 40 plus years? Well, listen on and find out. There is also the usual non topic banter you expect from us. Thoughts on the Oscar boycott, plus Stu and John give Hunter some important tips on just what sort of women he should be looking for in the dating scene, plus some other stuff we bushido on about.
It all makes for another way that the MMC get your week started (or winding it up, depend on how you view the calendar week).
See ya next week

Jan 25, 2016

Do You Even Riff, Bro?


This week's episode is and impromptu recording John and Hunter did after a guest didn't show up. The topic is just random riffing, from the death of Lemmy to other random asides. Listen in and enjoy!


Jan 15, 2016

Creed with Paul Bishop


Well, here we are, back for the first episode of 2016. As promised during our episode with Paul Bishop from last year, we said we would discuss the latest instalment in the Rocky series - Creed. Anyway, we were due to break tradition, and cover a current blockbuster, so here it is.
Thanks to Paul for returning back with us on this one, it was a lot of fun.
Please excuse the whirring noise during the first couple of minutes of the episode, it was hotter than hell itself when Stuart was recording, and the sound you hear is the sound of his fan blasting at full pelt. It disappears real quick though.
Also, listen out for an announcement regarding our donation episode we still have available (for now anyway)
See ya next week

Dec 15, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT: Secret Show Details


Hey everybody, well here are the details on how to purchase a donation of $2.50 U.S (or more if you are so inclined) and receive the BONUS episode we recorded - The Return of Garo!!
Please listen in for more details, or if you are reading this right now, and think to yourself, hmmm, another uncut, uncensored MMC show with Garo that runs 2 and a 1/2 hours? Think I will donate right now. 
Then what you need to do is, click that paypal donate, pop in the denomination of $2.50 (or more if you are so kind) IN U.S DOLLARS PLEASE!! Once we receive the donation, you will receive a download link to your email, go ahead and download, and enjoy.
This episode absolutely WILL NOT appear on itunes or the website, stitcher, where ever you may find us, you can only buy it from the website, via the paypal donation link over there --------------->
Thanks a bunch
See you guys and gals in 2016

Dec 8, 2015

Hollywood: Tales From The Dark Side


Hooray for Hollywood....NOT. This week we look at the seedier side of Hollywood. The scandals they wish you didn't know about. 
This is our final episode for 2015 for the itunes feed, website, stitcher etc - However, there will be one more episode out next week which will be via donation only. Details at the end of this show, and via a special announcement due out in a few days.
See you all next year.

Nov 24, 2015

Thanks for the Mammaries: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to violence! The word, and the act... and the podcast. That's right gang, this week, it's all about Russ Meyer, and his seminal film from 1965 - FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!
We discuss Meyer's masterpiece, while also discussing how his films were lean in length (and not an overblown mess like modern films are today) and also the beauties that are, the 3 female leads in this film.

And as usual, we trail off into other areas of discussion. It will probably upset the socialists, but meh, f**k em.


See ya next week

Nov 15, 2015

Super Inframan!


This week, after a brief hiatus, we return to the Shaw-lin Temple to visit a beloved character from the banner of our show, the legendary Shaw Brothers super-hero super-movie Super Inframan

Hunter asks the questions while John responds by relating his love for the movie as he runs down the history of the film, the actors involved, and how the character found an audience in the United States after being quickly forgotten in Hong Kong. 

Oct 29, 2015



Who knows, what evil lurks... oh wait, wrong Shadow. Ok, this week, we continue our (unplanned) run of foreign films. This time we journey over to France, and look at Nuits Rouge from 1974, also known as SHADOWMAN.
We adopt some really poor French, oh, and we also discuss this oddball little film. Sit back, enjoy some Bourdeaux or a Claret, a Fromage platter, and an appetizer of frogs legs, 
See you all next week.
Qui sait, ce que le mal rôde ... oh, attendez, mauvais Ombre. Ok, cette semaine, nous poursuivons notre (imprévue) série de films étrangers. Ce voyage dans le temps que nous à la France, et de regarder Nuits Rouge de 1974, également connu comme Shadowman.

Nous adoptons certains vraiment mauvais français, oh, et nous discutons également de ce petit film excentrique. Asseyez-vous, profiter de certains Bourdeaux ou un Claret, un plateau de fromage, et un apéritif de cuisses de grenouilles,

Rendez-vous la semaine prochaine.

Oct 22, 2015



This week, after over 5 years, we finally delve into a silent film, and oh what a film it is. The seminal horror film NOSFERATU.
We talk the original 1922 classic, and also Werner Herzog's 1979 remake.
So pop on your plastic fangs, and listen on.
See you all next week.

Oct 12, 2015

One Step Beyond! Boris Karloff’s Thriller!

We're delving into old school anthology horror this week, looking at two specific episodes of One Step Beyond and Boris Karloff's Thriller. We also go on tangents about other horror movies, Tango & Cash, an obscure Robert E. Howard adaptation, and film criticism. The episodes we cover on the show are available on YouTube for you to watch below. Enjoy!


Sep 29, 2015

Chicken and Duck Talk


This week we have decided to finally look at, in depth, the 1988 comedy classic, from the multi talented Hui Brothers 'Chicken and Duck Talk'.
A wonderful little comedy, that unfortunately nobody knows outside of Asia. So Stu and John decided that it was time, that you Westerners opened your eyes, and your minds a bit, to the comic styling of the Hui Brothers, and in particular, this little gem of a film.
So listen on, and prepare to get hungry.
See ya all next week.

Sep 15, 2015

Mr. Arrowshelf !!


So, we decided this week, to each review a film of our choice, that the other 2 hosts on the show haven't seen before. Some interesting picks were chosen, some laughter to be had, and just who, or what is Mr. Arrowshelf?
It all adds up to another fun filled MMC episode, we dare you to last more than 28 minutes muhahahaha
See ya next week.
Buy Hunter's choice 'Pit Stop' - HERE
Buy John's choice 'The Last Samurai'.... well nowhere (good one John)
Buy Stuart's choice 'Up the Academy' HERE or if you are rich, get it HERE

Sep 7, 2015

News of the World: Worst Episode Ever!!!


Hey kids, you like up to the minute movie news right? Don't you love podcasts that date themselves, the moment they reference the news for that week?..... neither do we. HOWEVER, we decided to break protocol, and try our hand at it (with tongue planted somewhat in cheek), the results are, well, another movie news week podcast, hence the subheading - WORST EPISODE EVER.
Fear not, this is definitely not a new path we will be taking, we are back to our normal format (do we even have a format?) next week. This is just us highlighting, how booorrrrrriiinnnggg those Hollywood news podcast episodes can be Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
see ya next week
To read the article John goes in depth about on this episode, find part 1 of it HERE

Aug 27, 2015

Bish’s Beat: A Conversation with author Paul Bishop


Welcome folks to another episode of the MMC. This week, we were very fortunate to be joined by legendary LAPD Detective turned author - Paul Bishop.
It's information overload on this one, as Paul is kind enough to share some of his stories, of his time in the LAPD, along with his thoughts on the O.J Simpson case, and the subsequent trial. He also regales us with his first hand account, of his time on the frontline during the L.A riots of 1992.
But that's not all, as we said, he is also an author, and a prolific one at that. He discusses his books with us (and his upcoming new one LIE CATCHERS) 
BUT, that's still not all, we also discuss the differences of portrayals of Police Officers in Hollywood, on the big and small screen, compared to that of real life.
It all makes for a fascinating listen, we cannot thank Paul enough for joining us, and look forward to having him back again, with us, in the near future.
You can find Paul, and his works in the links below.
Go visit his website and buy his books HERE
You can also buy his FIGHT CARD Book series HERE
Follow Paul on Twitter HERE
Find Paul's page on Facebook HERE
And finally, buy Paul's books on Amazon HERE

Aug 20, 2015

The MMC Goes to the Drive-In


Tickets please !!! Got anybody in the trunk? Yes? Go on get outta here. Hey all, this week, we trek into drive-in territory, and look at a couple of AIP flicks from the 50's - INVASION OF THE SAUCERMEN plus HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER.
We talk about the benefit, sometimes, of a shorter leaner film, compared to a bloated modern day Hollywood feature. We also discuss the crude special effects of Hollywood back in the 50's, and, the films at hand of course.
So ease the seat back, stock up at the concession stand, and enjoy.
See you all next week.
NOTE: The sound on this episode is replicated to sound like it was broadcast out of a drive-in car speaker, there is nothing wrong with your sound system. We will return to normal sound next week.

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