Nov 13, 2016

Midnight Movie Gameboys: Metal Gear Solid



Last week, we were eagerly awaiting the coming of God Emperor Trump on the show, so naturally you would think this episode would be a victory lap. Sadly, John and Stu couldn't make it, so Hunter and Garo got together to do a show we wanted to do last year before Garo fell ill with cancer. Since John and Stu hate video games, doing a side show with Hunter and Garo talking games has been on the burner for awhile. So, here is the premiere episode of the Midnight Movie Gameboys, where we talk about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, as well as the Metal Gear series in general. Let us know what you think, and if you want more shows like this. Enjoy, and MAGA!


Nov 7, 2016



This week, we take a look at the 2016 documentary on Carlos Danger himself - Anthony Weiner.

It tells the tale of Weiner, and his time on the comeback trail, in the race for the Mayor of New York, however, certain circumstances, see Weiner and his campaign, go horribly wrong. Poor Carlos.

Also, with the U.S election a mere day or two away, we chime in with our thoughts, rants and cautionary warnings.

This episode is strictly NSFW and NSFL (Not safe for Liberals)

The future is in your hands America
Vote Wisely.

See ya next week.

Oct 30, 2016

Son of Frankenstein


Hey all, Halloween is upon us at the MMC (well for 2 of the 3 of us) So this week, we decided to cover a Universal Horror, one that doesn't get a lot of love, but one we feel is worthy of your time and attention - Son of Frankenstein.

So turn the lights down low, pop some popcorn, and listen on with us.

Happy Halloween
See ya next week


Oct 23, 2016

Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto


Happy belated Columbus Day everybody! This week, John and Hunter revisit a film by the greatest living filmmaker and Catholic theologian of our time, Mel Gibson. Of course, that movie is a great classic of the aughts, Apocalypto. We can't wait for Hacksaw Ridge! Mad Mel returns! So high energy!

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Oct 16, 2016

Godzilla 1984 (aka The Return of Godzilla)


This week, John and Hunter were planning on reviewing the latest Godzilla movie, Shin Godzilla, however we waited too long to get tickets and we thought it looked dull anyway. So instead, we discuss Godzilla 1984, also known as The Return of Godzilla. The Japanese version finally got a region 1 release on Blu-ray from Kraken, so revisiting it made for an interesting discussion.


Oct 9, 2016

Rob Zombies ‘31′


You've heard mention of it over the last 2 years, and FINALLY it is here. Yes, that's right, ourselves, along with the return of Garo Nigoghossian (AKA Genocidehead) discuss the latest Rob Zombie attempt - 31.
There are no pre-review tangents this week, we dive straight into the film, as we know you are all anxious to know what we think of it, There is just way too much to say on it.
Anyway, a word of warning, this episode is absolutely NSFW, and may just offend somebody out there, consider this your trigger warning, snowflakes.
The end song is used courtesy of SeventhSon on youtube, their song parodies are awesome, check them out on the link below

Catch Garo on facebook, via his Dangerous People page

See you all next week

Oct 3, 2016

Hello, I’m Johnny Cash


Hello, I'm Johnny Cash.... well actually we're the Midnight Movie Cowboys, but this week Stu and John, discuss Johnny Cash, and also look at his 1974 Columbo movie Swan Song.

There also a few tangents thrown in, but you guys are used to that.

See you all next week.


Sep 25, 2016



Hey gang, this week, we return to the mysterious case of EAR/ONS. For those of you familiar with our episode from a couple of years ago that we did, the first EAR/ONS episode
We delved into the strange tale of EAR/ONS with filmmaker, and friend of the show Cameron Cloutier, who was /still is in the process of getting his film, about the last victim, Janelle Lisa Cruz, made.
This time around, the MMC have gone one step further. We go even deeper into the mysterious individual known as EAR/ONS, with the one man, who is considered the best source of knowledge on the case - Author Gian Quasar, PLUS we are also joined by Janelle Lisa Cruz's sister - Michelle Cruz.

Please note, there is zero film talk on this episode. It is solely about this still unsolved case. The content is very heavy, but the subject itself is not for the faint of heart.

Don't listen to this one alone, or with the lights out, this seriously is some scary stuff, and unfortunately, it is all real.

We cannot thank our guests enough for their time, and lending us their stories and the information that they have. Please follow the links below, and reach out to them, and go get yourself a whole lot more information on this bizarre tale.

The FBI's official page on EAR/ONS

Gian Quasar's fantastic website, not just about EAR/ONS, but many other things.

Go visit Michelle's facebook page, about her sister Janelle.

Also check out Cameron Cloutier's facebook page 'Bird with a Broken Wing'

See ya next week, along with the man in black.

Sep 18, 2016

Jaws 2


A Shaaarrkkkk!!!!! Hey gang, back this week, with a film, that is a bit more mainstream than what we usually cover - JAWS 2.

While not quite the classic that its' predecessor JAWS was, in terms of quality, this one still did well at the box office, so we thought we'd talk about it this week, and see if it still holds up.

So grab your surfboard, or pull up a beach chair and listen on. And, oh, if you have tits like a sparrow, better bring some padding for that bikini.


Sep 11, 2016

Going Clear


Hey all, this week, the MMC go clear, with GOING CLEAR. Alex Gibney's documentary was groundbreaking as an expose on the Church of Scientology, and we talk all about it, with a few tangents on the side, as usual.

Grab your e-meters, and hold on tight. By the words of Xenu - Listen to the Midnight Movie Cowboys!!!!!

Sep 4, 2016

The Nice Guys


This week, John and Hunter examine one of their favorite new releases in a dismal year for movies, Shane Black's The Nice Guys. It stars Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe, so don't be shocked if Stu doesn't show up. Go Rabbitohs! 


Aug 29, 2016

The Hebrew Hammer


Hey all, this week, the Midnight Movie Cowboys, become The Midnight Movie Cowgoys. That's right, we get our Jew on, by covering  the ultimate Jewish comedy - THE HEBREW HAMMER. We are also joined on this episode, by our friend, and podcaster extraordinaire Mr. Craig Cohen. We are also joined in the last third of the episode, by a very special guest, the writer / director of The Hebrew Hammer - Mr. Jonathan Kesselman.

This film is an absolute blast, the episode was a riot to do, and we look forward to having both Craig and Jonathan back with us again very soon.

Anyway, you can catch our guests at the following links.

Craig Cohen's awesome podcast Slycast can be found HERE

Find Craig on Twitter HERE and Slycast on Twitter HERE

Find Slycast on Facebook HERE

Find Jonathan on Twitter HERE

Go visit Jonathan's website, for all information on him and his work HERE

Go watch the trailer to his new film JIMMY VESTVOOD: AMERIKAN HERO 

P..S - Thanks to Jonathan for letting us use the never-before-released theme to The Hebrew Hammer at the end of this episode.

Shabbat Shalom Motherfuckers!!

Aug 21, 2016

Free for All


You know what we got here? We got ourselves a damn free for all!! That's right, this week, there is no film covered, it is all a freeform conversation, which lead into something we are the masters at - Rants.

As this was a last minute thing we decided to just roll with it, and see where it lead us, here is how it turned out.

Fear not, we will be back next week with a film we have in mind, it should be a good 'un also.

See ya next week


Aug 14, 2016

Pumping Iron II - The Women


This week, the MMC looks at a sequel to a documentary we covered a few years ago - Pumping Iron.

Yes, that's right, John and Stuart look at the female side of Bodybuilding with PUMPING IRON II - The Women.

As mentioned, this film is an oddity, much like Bodybuilding itself, but we love the sport of Bodybuilding, and this certainly is one we needed to cover.

What were our thoughts on it? Listen on and find out. 


You can watch this, long unavailable documentary in FULL here on youtube.


Aug 7, 2016

Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition


Hey, what's going on MMC? This is the second recent film within a month you guys have covered, you guys selling out? 

No, we are not. We just felt compelled to cover this film, along with the return of our special guest, and friend, Cameron Cloutier, as this version of Batman V Superman, has a different structure, to that of it's theatrical release. 

So how did it all pan out? Well you are going to have to listen on and find out.

You can find Cameron on the various links below

Go to his YouTube channel HERE

Go to the Obnoxious and Anonymous Facebook page HERE

Follow Cameron on Twitter HERE

See you all next week


Jul 31, 2016

The Manchurian Candidate


The Midnight Movie Cowboys are the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human beings I've ever known in my life.

Hey all, we're back after a week off. This time we look at the 1962 Frank Sinatra classic - The Manchurian Candidate. What with the U.S election at full steam ahead, it seemed only fitting to tackle this one.

As usual, there is the odd tangent in there, those familiar with the show will know how we roll.

Anyway, grab yourself a pack of cards, play a game of solitaire & sit down with us and listen. Oh, and you draw the Queen of diamonds, you must immediately head to itunes and leave us a glowing 5 star review - got it?



Jul 17, 2016

Halloween III: Season of the Witch


6 more days til Halloween.... 3 more days til Halloween....1 more day til Halloween etc. etc. Know the jingle? Then you will be very familiar with our episode for this week. We look at one of the most polarising horror films, not just in a franchise, but in general - Halloween III: Season of the Witch,

This week, Hunter and Stu, in John's absence and his disdain for horror films, look at one of their favourite films in the very uneven, Halloween series - Halloween III.

Did we like it? Why did this film fail? How awesome is Tom Atkins? And just how hot is Stacey Nelkin? We pose the questions, and we may have the answers.

Anyway, put on your masks (you know we just had to say that) and tune in with us, don't worry, you'll be guaranteed not to die a death of bugs and snakes if you do.

See ya next week

Jul 10, 2016

The Legend of Tarzan

This week, John and Hunter do a rare episode that actually covers a new movie that is in theaters right now! We must be losing our edge! In the MMC tradition of covering the great heroes of the past on screen, we watched at the latest Tarzan adventure, The Legend of Tarzan, starring Alexander Skarsgård, Samuel L. Jackson, Margot Robbie, and Christoph Waltz. The movie was co-written by Craig Brewer, who did awesome movies like The Poor & Hungry and Hustle & Flow, and was directed by David Yates, who did those terrible Harry Potter movies. So what did we think? How does it stack up against other Tarzan movies? Does it adequately honor the source material? Listen to find out!

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Jul 3, 2016

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


This week, John and Hunter look back at Kerry Conran's influential-yet-overlooked retro masterpiece, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, starring Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie. We talk about how it paved the way for the modern blockbuster, and of course, there are a lot of tangents along the way. 

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Jun 26, 2016

Rock Month: Cheap Trick


The final week of Rock Month is upon us, and this week John, Hunter, and Stu look at their collective pick, Cheap Trick! Recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we take a look at a selection of albums from the Rockford, Illinois quartet's long history. These albums include Cheap Trick, In Color, Heaven Tonight, At Budokan, Dream Police, All Shook Up, One on One, Cheap Trick '97, and Bang Zoom Crazy...Hello! Thanks for listening, and be sure to subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes!


Jun 19, 2016

Rock Month: Y&T


We're over the halfway line, and into week 3 of Rock Month. This week, it's John's pick, and he has thrust upon us all, the fantastically underrated band Y&T.
We look at their catalogue from their first album, all the way into the mid 80's. An excellent body of work (for the most part) by one of the hardest working, and nicest bunch of guys (as has been echoed by just about every person) on the planet.

Sit back, dig in and enjoy the awesomeness that is Y&T.

We'll be back next week, with the final episode of Rock Month for this year, all ready to go for ya.



Jun 13, 2016

Rock Month: King’s X


We're in week 2 of Rock Month, and this week we discuss Hunter's pick, the underrated power trio King's X. In this episode, we discuss their first six albums: Out of the Silent Planet, Gretchen Goes to Nebraska, Faith Hope Love, King's X, Dogman, and Ear Candy.  Let us know what you think of these albums in the comments, and don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes!

Jun 5, 2016

Rock Month: The Misfits


It's June, that can only mean one thing here over at the MMC - Rock Month!!! And, to kick off Rock Month this year, we have a band, whose logo is far more well known than their music - The Misfits.

See we here at the MMC, are actually fans of The Misfits, we just don't think that the Crimson Ghost looks good on a t-shirt, no we actually like their music - A LOT.

So listen in as we go over their catalogue in the Glenn Danzig era (the only true Misfits era in our eyes and ears). We do however, glaze over the other Misfits releases post Danzig, with very mixed feelings.

So sit back, pop your hair into a devilock, grab some brains to munch on and enjoy.... or we'll send some whores to your house.

May 29, 2016

Robert Altman’s Nashville


This week, John and Hunter sit down to discuss Robert Altman's 1975 masterpiece, Nashville, featuring a large ensemble cast that includes names like Henry Gibson, Keith Carradine, Shelly Duvall, Jeff Goldblum, Elliot Gould, Ronee Blakley, Keenan Wynn, and Lily Tomlin, just to name a few. John also discusses seeing the movie at the Alamo Drafthouse with James Ellroy, and Hunter goes on various tangents, including shootings at concerts. Next week, strap in, because we'll be kicking off our second annual Rock Month!

May 22, 2016

Magnum Force


After quite a while from when we covered DIRTY HARRY, we finally get onto it's first sequel MAGNUM FORCE.

With this one we discuss the film and how it feels somewhat like an apology, for the unapologetic character of Harry Callahan.

Whilst we do stick to reviewing the film, we do go off on some little tangents (nothing as drastic as last weeks show), but then again, it wouldn't be an MMC episode without a tangent or three, right?

Also, please listen for more info on the status of our youtube channel


May 15, 2016

The (Not So) Brides of Dracula


What's up gang? We're back with a new episode this week, however, the film we cover THE BRIDES OF DRACULA is really only like a mini review of about 15 minutes contained within the episode.

The rest of this episode is us riffing on a ton of stuff that is going on. We apologise if you were looking a full comprehensive review of this flick, unfortunately we weren't too enamoured with this film, and struggled to provide a full length conversation on it.

However as stated, we do talk about a bunch of other stuff, some of it will be deemed offensive to thin skinned social justice warriors, but what the hey? That's the way it goes.

Anyway, we'll back next week with another episode, and we promise, a more in depth review of the film we cover, for now though, enjoy us just shooting the breeze (mostly).
See ya next week.


May 8, 2016

The Twilight Zone - Volume 1


This week the guys (well 2 of them, Hunter is missing on this one) go back in time and discuss 2 episodes of the magnificent, unparalleled classic television show The Twilight Zone. 

We discuss the episodes STATIC and also ESCAPE CLAUSE. We also talk about when times were much simpler, and how at times, we wish we could back to that life of simplicity.

So sit back, and take this journey into another dimension, back to a time when television was actually worth watching.

See ya next week.


May 1, 2016

Bride of Re-Animator


Weesssssttt.....YOU BASTARD!!!! With those words, we kick off to the sequel to one of the most original horror movies in many years Re-Animator, with Bride of Re-Animator.

On this episode, Hunter and Stu look at this much maligned film, which has just received an incredible blu ray release by Arrow.

We talk the film, the blu ray release and we also pay tribute to a podcasting giant - Vince Rotolo of the legendary B-Movie Cast who we sadly lost a few days ago.

So sit back and get yourself a very rare fill of horror from the MMC.



Apr 24, 2016

The Naked Spur

John and Hunter explore the dark side of all-American good guy Jimmy Stewart in Anthony Mann's brooding western, The Naked Spur, co-starring the great Ralph Meeker, the beautiful Janet Leigh, the charismatic Robert Ryan, and the salty Millard Mitchell. Be sure to rate us on iTunes and leave a review if you want to support the show!


Apr 17, 2016

Orion: The Man Who Would Be King


What do you get when you have a man who sounds exactly like Elvis, and wears a mask to hide his identity performing AFTER Elvis Presley's death in 1977? You get Orion AKA Jimmy Ellis, and his incredible story.

This week, we look at the excellent documentary Orion: The Man Who Would be King. Who was Orion?, What sort of shockwaves did he send in the late 1970's and early 1980's? And just how did it ultimately affect the man behind the mask - Jimmy Ellis?

This is a fascinating documentary, and an incredible story to boot.

Please note: We do drift off for 5 minutes to talk about the latest Cheap Trick album, only because it is so damn good and we couldn't help ourselves.

Anyway, sit back, listen and learn the amazing tale of Orion.

Go follow and support the filmmaker of Orion on Twitter HERE

Or, follow the Documentary's page on Facebook HERE

Or go to the website, for all VOD and other information HERE

See ya next week

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