Mar 15, 2018

The Decline of Western Civilization Part. 2



Hey friends, so as promised, here is our review of The Decline of Western Civilization Part. 2. This one stinks of hedonism, and is a great window, into the dying horse, that was the hair metal scene in L.A in 1989. Hardly any of the bands here 'made it', and rightly so, some are ok but unmemorable, some are memorable for the fact they are plain awful.

So grab your hairspray, get  inthe spa, pop open some champagne and grab the nearest Metal chicks and listen on with us. Odin commands it!!!!



Mar 2, 2018

The Decline of Western Civilization Part. 1



Ok friends, this week, actually the next two weeks, we will be looking at the legendary Penelope Spheeris documentaries - The Decline of Western Civilization.

This week it is Part 1 from 1981, which focuses on the West Coast Punk scene, with performances by The Germs, Fear, X, Circle Jerks and a few others. The documentary is THE seminal Punk documentary, and one of the most influential of all time. I don't think it is too difiicult to guess if we liked it or not... or is it as easy as that?

Anyway, sit down with us, and we hope enjoy the Decline of Western Civilization

See ya next week with Part 2


Feb 22, 2018

The Best of British Vol. 2



Alright you gits, we are back for another round of British sitcoms to digest. This time we look at the Sid James led 'Bless This House', the insane antics of Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson in 'Bottom and we finish up with the very politically incorrect (thank god) 'Mind Your Language'.

This follow up to our very popular vol. 1, will get you lot unfamiliar with these, all educated up (and hopefully motivated to go and buy these British classics).

The PAL dvd set of Bless This House can be bought HERE

The PAL dvd set of Bottom can be bought HERE

The PAL dvd set of Mind Your Language can be bought HERE


See ya next week


Feb 15, 2018

The Return of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer



Hey gang, this week Stuart and John look at the pilot movie, of the return of the Mike Hammer series - The Return of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer

With both of us, being big fans of this show, we look at this film and great series, and the performance of Stacy Keach as Mike Hammer.

So sit back, and listen on with us.

The box set is an Australia only release, but is available to order online from JB Hi Fi

See ya next week


Feb 7, 2018

Burning Ed Burns with Zolly Becker


A long-in-discussion show has finally seen the light of day! John and Hunter are joined by trollmeister Zolly Becker to discuss the filmography of the Irish Woody Allen, Ed Burns. In true MMC fashion, the conversation is about 1/4th Ed Burns, and 3/4ths other stuff, including Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, #MeToo, and other memes. Lots of insanity and bizarre subjects, listener discretion is advised! 

Look for Stu's return on the next episode!


Jan 24, 2018

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins




This week, John and Hunter examine Guy Hamilton's adaptation of Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir's Destroyer novels, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. After the first hour, we are joined by special guest Devin Murphy, publisher and editor of the Destroyer series, as well as son of Warren Murphy!

You can check out Devin's website, which is chock full of Destroyer books, at If you're unfamiliar with the series, check out the novella The Day Remo Died, you can snag it for free!

If you're in region 1, you can get the Blu-ray of Remo Williams from Twilight Time.

If you're in region 2, you can snag the Blu-ray of Remo Williams from Arrow Video.





Jan 18, 2018

Brawl In Cell Block 99



Hey friends, we are back for the first episode of 2018, and to kick things off, we have a quaint little film called 'Brawl in Cell Block 99'.

Some of us liked it, some of us didn't, but it is a film that cannot be ignored, so sit back with us and listen on.

Thanks for your patience while we had some time off over Christmas and the New Year. We are now back in full swing, so keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for weekly episodes.

See ya next week.


Dec 24, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi



Merry Christmas, everyone!

Hunter is joined by Tom Jennings of the 24 Frames Cast and the Masters of Cinema Cast to discuss Disney's latest attempt at making a Star Wars movie. What did we think? Well...just listen.

Be sure to check out Tom's other shows. Hunter has appeared in the past on episodes discussing The Gospel According to St. MatthewSilent Running, and Two-Lane Blacktop. He will soon be making another appearance on the Masters of Cinema Cast to discuss Masahiro Shinoda's 1971 adaptation of Shusako Endo's Silence. Of course, the recent Martin Scorsese version is also discussed. We'll post an update on the site as soon as it goes up.

Stu and John will return on the next episode!



Dec 15, 2017

Dangerous People Blu-ray Interview


Stu and Hunter are joined by Garo and actress Angelina Leigh to discuss the release of Dangerous People on Blu-ray. We give a few updates on the special features as well.


Nov 29, 2017

Get Me Roger Stone



Hey gang, we're all back this week with a new episode, and this time we go back to politics. On this one we discuss the Netflix documentary 'Get Me Roger Stone' (or Roger Shtooooone as Alex Jones would say).

We look at this highly influential political operative, what makes him tick, and what makes him tick off others.

So sit back, grab a Margherita, put on your best loud suit, and listen in, as we talk all things Roger Stone.


Nov 19, 2017

David Lynch: The Art Life



This week, John and Hunter dive into the new documentary on David Lynch, The Art Life. Rather than focusing on his film career, the movie looks at his early life in the suburbs and as a young artist. We compare the movie favorably to other, lesser David Lynch documentaries, as well as discuss our impressions of Lynch today. 

The Art Life is available from Criterion, as well as Amazon



Nov 12, 2017

War of the Gargantuas



This week, John and Hunter return to the kaiju well to discuss Ishiro Honda's War of the Gargantuas. Stu is taking a break, and will return in a few weeks. 

The book we heavily plugged this week was Ishiro Honda: A Life in Film, from Godzilla to Kurosawa by Styve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski with Yuuko Honda-Yun. We highly recommend it! Buy it on Amazon!


Nov 1, 2017

Sherlock Holmes: The Scarlet Claw



Hey friends, we're back with a new episode for you. On this one, Stu and John look at the 1944 Sherlock Holmes film THE SCARLET CLAW. While not as an instantly recognisable title as say The Hound of the Baskervilles, it is by no means less important.

So, grab your smoking jacket, your pipe, a glass of brandy and sit yourself by an open fire, and listen on with us.

See ya next week


Oct 15, 2017

The Fall of Harvey Weinstein



This week's show comes early as Garo joins John, Hunter, and Stu to discuss the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal. So go grab a chair and watch the guillotine in the Hollywood town square with us as execs lose their heads.


Oct 11, 2017

Shin Godzilla



It's just John and Hunter this week, as they go through the latest entry in the Godzilla series, Shin Godzilla, directed by Neon Genesis Evangelion auteurs Hideki Anno and Shinji Higuchi of all freakin' people. It's a Godzilla that throws back to the original, yet throws in a lot of weird quirks of its own in ways that are both good and bad. So listen in, and see what we thought of the King of the Monsters' latest romp through Tokyo.

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Show Notes

Shin Godzilla U.S. Trailer


Oct 4, 2017

Tim Burton’s Batman Movies



Greetings, bat-friends, it's that bat-time again where we look at some comic book movies and talk about them for some reason. Doesn't the culture have enough of this? Oh well.

This week, we look back at Tim Burton's Batman movies, and remember them fondly...for the most part, anyway.


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Show Notes

The rare "Batman" teaser John mentions during the show that may contain alternate takes:


Sep 26, 2017



Hey gang, we're back again this week with another episode, well Stu is, Hunter and John though are absent on this one. So, to help Stu out, he has his brother Julian (AKA Jules) in the MMC studio with him, to wax lyrical on a film the both of them have had a lifelong love for - Mike Leigh's 'Meantime'.

We break down all facets of the film, and quote lines that nobody else would remember, because, well, we know this film like the back of our hand.

So listen on with us, and learn about this masterpiece of a film, which is now available on a beautiful Criterion Blu Ray which you can find HERE

A big thanks to Jules for joining me on this one. Cheers.

See you all next week.



Sep 17, 2017

Rio Bravo


Hey Paly, this week, those MMC boys, are doing a film, starring little ol' me - Deano.

It's a chatty little tale, starring American icon John Wayne, breaker of female hearts Walter Brennan - I mean Ricky Nelson (I gotta stop drinking) breaker of male hearts Angie Dickinson, and Walter Brennan.

So sit down, and listen on with them, and find out why one of the MMC members (hint: He's Australian) doesn't know a thing about American culture.

See ya next week.


Sep 8, 2017

Red Dragon



The Midnight Movie Cowboys, finally back with a new episode. Do you see?



An episode where Stuart and John talk all things Red Dragon, the book and its subsequent film adaptations, Do you see?



Brett Ratner, being trashed for the insepid filmmaker that he is, Do you see?



Then listener, you are in for some fun




Aug 22, 2017

Tony Anthony: The Stranger


Eric Zaldivar rejoins John and Hunter for another spaghetti western discussion, this time focusing on Tony Anthony and his series of films as The Stranger. These films include A Stranger in Town, The Stranger Returns, The Silent Stranger, and Get Mean. Eric also discusses his many conversations with Anthony over the phone, which leads to some hilarious anecdotes.

Show Notes

Tony Anthony crooning


The Stranger Returns trailer



Aug 13, 2017

The Red Pill



We're back for another episode this week. This time around, we look at the documentary feminists, cucks and, in general, the left don't want you to see - The Red Pill

The Men's Rights movement gains a voice, that of Cassie Jaye. a former feminist. We discuss the documentary, the feminist movement, and ponder, just why is the left so unbelievably unhinged.

It all makes for a fun 90 minutes. The easily triggered may wanna steer clear. The rest of you who can handle it - dive on in.

P.S - This episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK

See ya next week 



Aug 3, 2017

The Narrow Margin


John and Hunter discuss Richard Fleischer's lean, tough train thriller, The Narrow Margin, starring Charles McGraw and Marie Windsor. Many, many tangents occur, including Diamonds Are Forever and comparing Richard Fleischer to John Milius.

Be sure to rate and review us on iTunes! E-mail us at and check us out on Facebook. Thanks! 


Jul 29, 2017

Johnnie To’s ‘Three’



What's up friends? This week the MMC along with regular (not his bowels, his appearances on the show) Garo Nigoghossian, discuss the latest Johnnie To film THREE.

'tis an odd tale, and if you like Greys Anatomy with some gun play, then, you are gonna love this. If a bunch of folks in a hospital bed isn't your thing... steer clear.

This episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. The easily triggered may wanna stay away.

There is also a little discussion on the film Dunkirk. A full length episode on that may happen in the future, who knows. For now though, dive in, in extremely slow motion, into THREE.

See ya next week.


Jul 20, 2017

Mad Max 2



Hunter and Stu are joined by Garo for yet another trip into the post-apocalyptic Outback of Australia with Mad Max, this time covering the seminal classic Mad Max 2, aka The Road Warrior to us Yanks. 

Of course, no one can stay on topic, and tangents include ramblings regarding John Woo, Donald J. Trump, and Sylvester Stallone. 

Below, you can find a famous scene from the movie that was shot at Stuart's house, featuring his local electronics dealer.

Thanks to all of you who have donated, and Stuart has an update about the donation pack on the show as well.

Also, many thanks to those who have rated and reviewed us on iTunes.

Much obliged! Enjoy, and see y'all next week.



Jul 13, 2017

Our Man Flint



Another year, another Rock Month draws to a close.

This week, John and Hunter get back to movies with the Hollywood Bond spoof Our Man Flint, starring James Coburn. We look at the bizarre tone of the film, the persona of Coburn, and of course, fly off on many tangents as well, including John and Hunter's first IRL meetup.

Be sure to rate and review us on iTunes, and thanks for listening, Hunter will be back with Garo and Stu next week.



Jun 29, 2017

Rock Month: The Darkness


And so Rock Month ends, for this year anyway, and man have we got a killer band for you all to finish off with - THE DARKNESS.

We look at the ups and downs of The Darkness, and of course, we cover their entire discography (4 albums and counting).

So friends, crack open a lager, get yourself a plate of fish, chips and mushy peas, and rock the f**k out, to one of - no, THE best Rock Band of the last 20 years, THE DARKNESS.

Thanks for, again, making Rock Month a success, we'll do it all over again in June 2018.

Our normal film programming resumes next week.



Jun 21, 2017

Rock Month: T-Rex



Hey friends, week 3 of Rock Month is here, this time around it is John's pick, and he has chosen Glam Rock originator - Marc Bolan & T-Rex.

We look at a handful of T-Rex's efforts, which are, somewhat of a mixed bag. Although, still very important in the pantheon of the evolution of Rock music.

Sit back, listen on, and learn about one of the most influential figures, in not just Glam Rock, but Rock in general.

See ya next week, for the final week of Rock month for 2017.

Hosts for this week - Stuart & John

Here are the 2 documentaries John mentions throughout the episode.




Jun 14, 2017

Rock Month: Glenn Hughes



Hey friends, here we are again, with Week 2 of Rock Month. This week, it is Hunter's pick and he has chosen, an artist who has been ubiquitous for decades, in not just the Hard Rock / Heavy Rock scene, but has also daringly branched out into the Soul / Funk arena. He is the one, the only - Glenn Hughes.

Now, to a lot of you, his name may be unfamiliar, but those of us, with a penchant for 70's rock (and beyond) will most definitely know, and revere the name Glenn Hughes, as 'The Voice of Rock'

So, sit back friends, and get yourself a crash course, on one of the most unique, and influential musicians of all time.


See ya next week


Jun 9, 2017

Rock Month: Megadeth



Ok friends, it's June, it's that time of the year again - ROCK MONTH!!! As usual, to kick off Rock Month, week 1 is Stu's pick, and this time around, he has gone for his favorite Metal band, the mighty MEGADETH!!!!

We go through a selection of the 'Deth's albums, along with some other tidbits about the band, and guitar god and band founder Dave Mustaine. Tune in, grab some beer and cold pizza, and rattle your goddamn head.

See you next week for week 2 of Rock Month.

READ Dave Mustaine's tweet to Bill O'Reilly, as mentioned in the episode


May 26, 2017

The Mentors: Kings of Sleaze



Hey all you sluts and sissies out there, are you ready for 4 righteous hours of The Mentors and The Midnight Movie Cowboys? Well, here it is.

On this epic episode (our longest one ever), we discuss the finished, but (as yet) unreleased documentary The Mentors: Kings of Sleaze.

This is a podcast in 3 acts.

On the first act, the three of us look at, and discuss the documentary. The second act consists of the three of us interviewing the documentarys' filmmaker April Jones, and finally the third act, involves Stu, sitting down with Mentors co founder and Bassist Dr. Heathen Scum.

This is as comprehensive a look at The Mentors, that any podcast will ever do, call it an accompaniement piece to April's wonderful documentary.

On a personal note, we'd like to thank April for being gracious enough, to let us be probably the only podcast (along with being some of the few select people in the world) out there to have seen the film. Also, we'd like to thank April for her time, and allowing us to interview her. And on a final note, a huge thanks to Steve Broy (AKA) Dr. Heathen Scum, for his time and allowing Stu to interview him, and for letting us use the various pieces of music by The Mentors, contained within this episode.

As we said, this episode is long, so set aside a few hours, and prepare to be schooled up, on the true Kings of Sleaze - The Mentors.


BUY The Mentors albums on cdbaby HERE

BUY Dr. Heathen Scum solo stuff on cdbaby HERE

FOLLOW The Mentors on Facebook HERE

FOLLOW April's documentary The Mentors: Kings of Sleaze on Facebook HERE

Go to April's website for the documentary HERE

WATCH - The Mentors A Piece of Sinema (Caution X-Rated, NSFW)





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