Aug 13, 2017

The Red Pill



We're back for another episode this week. This time around, we look at the documentary feminists, cucks and, in general, the left don't want you to see - The Red Pill

The Men's Rights movement gains a voice, that of Cassie Jaye. a former feminist. We discuss the documentary, the feminist movement, and ponder, just why is the left so unbelievably unhinged.

It all makes for a fun 90 minutes. The easily triggered may wanna steer clear. The rest of you who can handle it - dive on in.

P.S - This episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK

See ya next week 



Aug 3, 2017

The Narrow Margin


John and Hunter discuss Richard Fleischer's lean, tough train thriller, The Narrow Margin, starring Charles McGraw and Marie Windsor. Many, many tangents occur, including Diamonds Are Forever and comparing Richard Fleischer to John Milius.

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Jul 29, 2017

Johnnie To’s ‘Three’



What's up friends? This week the MMC along with regular (not his bowels, his appearances on the show) Garo Nigoghossian, discuss the latest Johnnie To film THREE.

'tis an odd tale, and if you like Greys Anatomy with some gun play, then, you are gonna love this. If a bunch of folks in a hospital bed isn't your thing... steer clear.

This episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. The easily triggered may wanna stay away.

There is also a little discussion on the film Dunkirk. A full length episode on that may happen in the future, who knows. For now though, dive in, in extremely slow motion, into THREE.

See ya next week.


Jul 20, 2017

Mad Max 2



Hunter and Stu are joined by Garo for yet another trip into the post-apocalyptic Outback of Australia with Mad Max, this time covering the seminal classic Mad Max 2, aka The Road Warrior to us Yanks. 

Of course, no one can stay on topic, and tangents include ramblings regarding John Woo, Donald J. Trump, and Sylvester Stallone. 

Below, you can find a famous scene from the movie that was shot at Stuart's house, featuring his local electronics dealer.

Thanks to all of you who have donated, and Stuart has an update about the donation pack on the show as well.

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Much obliged! Enjoy, and see y'all next week.



Jul 13, 2017

Our Man Flint



Another year, another Rock Month draws to a close.

This week, John and Hunter get back to movies with the Hollywood Bond spoof Our Man Flint, starring James Coburn. We look at the bizarre tone of the film, the persona of Coburn, and of course, fly off on many tangents as well, including John and Hunter's first IRL meetup.

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Jun 29, 2017

Rock Month: The Darkness


And so Rock Month ends, for this year anyway, and man have we got a killer band for you all to finish off with - THE DARKNESS.

We look at the ups and downs of The Darkness, and of course, we cover their entire discography (4 albums and counting).

So friends, crack open a lager, get yourself a plate of fish, chips and mushy peas, and rock the f**k out, to one of - no, THE best Rock Band of the last 20 years, THE DARKNESS.

Thanks for, again, making Rock Month a success, we'll do it all over again in June 2018.

Our normal film programming resumes next week.



Jun 21, 2017

Rock Month: T-Rex



Hey friends, week 3 of Rock Month is here, this time around it is John's pick, and he has chosen Glam Rock originator - Marc Bolan & T-Rex.

We look at a handful of T-Rex's efforts, which are, somewhat of a mixed bag. Although, still very important in the pantheon of the evolution of Rock music.

Sit back, listen on, and learn about one of the most influential figures, in not just Glam Rock, but Rock in general.

See ya next week, for the final week of Rock month for 2017.

Hosts for this week - Stuart & John

Here are the 2 documentaries John mentions throughout the episode.




Jun 14, 2017

Rock Month: Glenn Hughes



Hey friends, here we are again, with Week 2 of Rock Month. This week, it is Hunter's pick and he has chosen, an artist who has been ubiquitous for decades, in not just the Hard Rock / Heavy Rock scene, but has also daringly branched out into the Soul / Funk arena. He is the one, the only - Glenn Hughes.

Now, to a lot of you, his name may be unfamiliar, but those of us, with a penchant for 70's rock (and beyond) will most definitely know, and revere the name Glenn Hughes, as 'The Voice of Rock'

So, sit back friends, and get yourself a crash course, on one of the most unique, and influential musicians of all time.


See ya next week


Jun 9, 2017

Rock Month: Megadeth



Ok friends, it's June, it's that time of the year again - ROCK MONTH!!! As usual, to kick off Rock Month, week 1 is Stu's pick, and this time around, he has gone for his favorite Metal band, the mighty MEGADETH!!!!

We go through a selection of the 'Deth's albums, along with some other tidbits about the band, and guitar god and band founder Dave Mustaine. Tune in, grab some beer and cold pizza, and rattle your goddamn head.

See you next week for week 2 of Rock Month.

READ Dave Mustaine's tweet to Bill O'Reilly, as mentioned in the episode


May 26, 2017

The Mentors: Kings of Sleaze



Hey all you sluts and sissies out there, are you ready for 4 righteous hours of The Mentors and The Midnight Movie Cowboys? Well, here it is.

On this epic episode (our longest one ever), we discuss the finished, but (as yet) unreleased documentary The Mentors: Kings of Sleaze.

This is a podcast in 3 acts.

On the first act, the three of us look at, and discuss the documentary. The second act consists of the three of us interviewing the documentarys' filmmaker April Jones, and finally the third act, involves Stu, sitting down with Mentors co founder and Bassist Dr. Heathen Scum.

This is as comprehensive a look at The Mentors, that any podcast will ever do, call it an accompaniement piece to April's wonderful documentary.

On a personal note, we'd like to thank April for being gracious enough, to let us be probably the only podcast (along with being some of the few select people in the world) out there to have seen the film. Also, we'd like to thank April for her time, and allowing us to interview her. And on a final note, a huge thanks to Steve Broy (AKA) Dr. Heathen Scum, for his time and allowing Stu to interview him, and for letting us use the various pieces of music by The Mentors, contained within this episode.

As we said, this episode is long, so set aside a few hours, and prepare to be schooled up, on the true Kings of Sleaze - The Mentors.


BUY The Mentors albums on cdbaby HERE

BUY Dr. Heathen Scum solo stuff on cdbaby HERE

FOLLOW The Mentors on Facebook HERE

FOLLOW April's documentary The Mentors: Kings of Sleaze on Facebook HERE

Go to April's website for the documentary HERE

WATCH - The Mentors A Piece of Sinema (Caution X-Rated, NSFW)





May 18, 2017

Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis



Show-favorite Garo Nigoghossian joins us for a discussion on Colin Hanks' Eagles of Death Metal documentary, Nos Amis. The film follows the band after their horrifying experience at Bataclan in Paris, where ninety of their audience members were massacred by ISIS-backed terrorists, as well as the friendship between Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme. 

In the wake of the French election, this episode got out of hand, and was edited down to focus on the documentary. We will have the full two-plus hour episode available in a paid-pack in the future (which will feature more Garo). 

Also, Rock Month is closing in, let us know if there are any suggestions for bands to cover, and we will take them into consideration.

Thanks fam, we love you all the time. 



May 5, 2017

Tomas Milian Tribute: Django Kill



This week, we pay tribute to the late, great spaghetti western star Tomas Milian.

To do so, John and Hunter are joined by filmmaker, spaghetti western expert, and personal friend of Milian, Eric Zaldivar.

We focus on the film Django Kill (aka Se Vivo Spara), and we talk about Milian’s career, as well as the spaghetti western genre as a whole.

Apologies in advance for some minor audio issues in certain, albiet brief, parts of the show. 



Apr 26, 2017

The Passion of the Christ



2017 Anno Domini. The Midnight Movie Cowboys look at the Mel Gibson masterpiece 'The Passion of the Christ'.

A brutal film that pull no punches, it affected 2 of us, and one of us is destined for a pineapple in hell.

This is about as religious as the MMC will get, so listen in, and hear our thoughts, on this devastating film.

See ya next week


Apr 20, 2017

Listener Request: Boogie Nights



This week, we have another listener request! It's Boogie Nights!

This is a particularly good one, we get into some pretty heavy topics surrounding the movie.

We also take a look at The Dirk Diggler Story, the Paul Thomas Anderson short film that served as the prototype for this movie. You can watch it embedded below!

Hope you all enjoy!

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Apr 14, 2017

Listener Request: Sweeney!


Hey friends, back again with a new episode, and this week, it is a listener request from our mate, Mr. Anthony Nesbitt, and he has requested... SWEENEY!

We here at the MMC love us a good British cop show, and Sweeney is one of the best.

On this episode, we look at the 1977 big screen filmed version of the hit television show, Starring Dennis Waterman, and a very old looking, but young John Thaw.

So, sit down, listen on and enjoy.

See ya next week.


Apr 5, 2017

Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever



This week, John, Hunter, and Stu look at one of the most beloved episodes of the original Star Trek series, "City on the Edge of Forever." We talk about the episode, the franchise as a whole, and pay special attention to Harlan Ellison's original teleplay for the episode, and the differences between the final version. 


Apr 1, 2017

Read Any Good Films Lately?



Hey gang, back with a bit of a left turn for us. This week Stuart and John look at the once popular Novelization. You see there was a time, when a film, would be turned into a novel, for folks to read, as well as watch.

Sadly, the novelization died a death sometime in the last 15 years, and are now barely seen on shelves at book stores (although they are still written, just not in the prominence they once were).

So, let us take you back to a time, when the Novelization, was an important component in helping to promote a film, and too a time, when people would still read books.

See ya next week


Show Notes.

Audiobooks for the Damned Youtube Channel

Abe Books




Mar 22, 2017

The Enforcer



Hey gang, this week we continue our Drty Harry series, this time around it is THE ENFORCER.

Does this still hold up 40 plus years on? You'll have to listen in to find out.

See you all next week.


Mar 15, 2017

“When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder”.


Red honey, welcome home.

Here it is friends, after near on 7 years of Stuart, constantly harping on about, and professing his love for this film, we finally cover the great "When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder".

Spearheaded, by A Tour de Force performance by Marjoe Gortner, and featuring very solid performances by all other cast involved. This (mostly forgotten) film required discussion. 

There are no tangents this week folks, the odd bit of discussion, away from the film, but it is all relevant. 

So, grab  yourself a plate of Steak and Eggs (it's our specialty), and listen in with us, as we talk this absolute gem of a film.

*Show Notes*

The stage play we talk about on the show, can be found HERE

To buy the DVD (Australian release only, but you can import it if outside Australia) can be found HERE

See you all next week


Mar 8, 2017

The MMC Vs. Amazon Prime



Hey gang, we're all here again this week, along with show favorite Garo. On this one we tackle Amazon Prime, and their rather insane decidion, to censor films (mostly independent horror films) due to gore and nudity.

As bastions of free speech, and anti censorship, this doesn't sit well with us (well one of us makes a semi counter argument) and we decided to let fly, with on our thoughts on it.

WARNING - This episode is NSFW, but it's the four of us together, so when is it ever NSFW?

See you all next week




Mar 6, 2017

HLatM 1 - Bitter Harvest


Hunter Looks at the Movies is no longer just a meme, fam! This is a new show that's just a bite-sized look at a movie I've recently seen. I recently went to see the film Bitter Harvest, and I wanted to talk about it, but it would be tough to do as a regular MMC show, so I figured I would go ahead and do this solo thing on the feed. Let me know what you think, I'd like to do more of these in the future.

Show Notes

Bitter Harvest trailer 

Russia: A 1,000 Year Chronicle of the Wild East by Martin Sixsmith on Amazon


Mar 1, 2017

A Force of One



John, Hunter, and Stu return to the world of Chuck Norris to discuss A Force of One. Warning: There are a lot of Paul Joseph Watson impersonations on this show.


Feb 22, 2017

Body Double



Hey all, the gang's all back this week - finally. This week, we look at one of Brian DePalma's more forgotten films - BODY DOUBLE.

Controversial for it's time, does the controversy still ring true today? Listen on with us, grab your telescope, and peer into the minds of the MMC.

See ya next week





Feb 12, 2017

For Your Eyes Only



We decided to do a Bond movie this week, so we went with For Your Eyes Only. Now I can't get the stupid song out of my head. It's been over a week. I just want it to go away! PLEASE! HELP! Anyway, this week's show is a good 'un! No Stuart on this one, he'll be back one of these days.


Show Notes

Hosts: Hunter Duesing, John Grace

Essay excerpt from "Sexual Utopia in Power" by F. Roger Devlin

"For Your Eyes Only" by Sheena Easton



Feb 6, 2017

Freddy Vs. Jason


Freddy Vs. Jason?! What the Hell?! Are the MMC becoming gorehound horror fans?! Not so fast, fam. Remember, the best film in either franchise is directed by Ronny Yu, and we're big fans of movies like Fearless and The Postman Returns over here at the MMC. John and Hunter talk about how the movie captures a comic book aesthetic better than most comic book movies, how horror has changed drastically since this movie came out, and other random tangents.

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Jan 30, 2017

The Lady From Shanghai



This week, John and Hunter do an Orson Welles film, but we aren't going to talk about Kane or Touch of Evil. Instead, we take a look at his noir gem The Lady From Shanghai, starring Welles and Rita Hayworth.


Jan 16, 2017

The State of Movies 2017



John and Hunter return to your regularly scheduled MMC programming to discuss the state of movies in 2017. 


Jan 4, 2017

MMGB: BioShock


The Midnight Movie Cowboys are still on break, however Hunter and Garo got together to do the second Midnight Movie Game Boys episode.

This one is on the BioShock series (we kind of ignore the second one, because no one REALLY cares about it). Let us know if there are any other games you want us to cover! Head on over to the Facebook group and chime in!




Dec 20, 2016

2016: In Review


And so it is, that we say farewell to 2016. A year with some highs and some lows. This episode is not so much strictly, 2016 in review of films (although we do cover that) but 2016 in general.

Anyway, the MMC will be back in 2017, bigger and badder than ever. Until then, everybody, stay safe Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you all.

Thanks so much everyone, for your support.

See ya next year.

The Guys





Dec 12, 2016

Kung Fu Brother: The Ron Hall Interview


Ok gang, this week, John and Stu steer the ship (Hunter is all tied up celebrating his Birthday) so we are joined by - Actor / Director / Stuntman / Martial Artist - RON HALL.

We probe Ron with questions about his career in the business, along with a bunch of other things.

Sit back, and listen to this fascinating interview, Ron is a real good guy, and great to listen to.

Check him out on IMDB - HERE

See ya next week


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