The Psycho Sequels



Hey friends, this week we finish off our Horror month. The MMC are joined by Eric Zaldivar, jumping back in on Mother's rocking chair, to look at the Psycho Sequels.

We don't cover the original Psycho at all (albeit a brief 2 minute discussion on it), but we do go in depth about Psycho II, III and IV.

So, how do these sequels stack up, against the granddaddy of all horror films? well, you may just be surprised at our opinions. We also throw in tidbits of knowledge about the making of these films.

Please note, there are NO tangents on this episode whatsoever. We do have tangents, but they are not on this episode, instead you can find them as seperate pieces on our Soundcloud page (bet you didn't know we had one of those did you hmm?)

You go to our Soundcloud page HERE to listen to the tangents (and some others we have posted years ago)

Having said all that, make yourself some tea, pop on your Periwinkle Blue dress and wig, and listen on with us.


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