Up late with Soopermexican


Alec Baldwin. What would we do without him? There would be no daily joy, of the saga, that is his life to read about on a near daily basis.

To help us talk all things Alec Baldwin's massive public meltdown, is a man, who has, literally, contributed to it, via his epic battles on Twitter. Soopermexican !!!!

Go here to read how Soopermexican OWNED Alec Baldwin, time after time.

So epic was Soopermexican's twitter war with Baldwin, that it made Fox News.

It also led to this 

On this episode, Hunter, John and the return of Stu, team up with the internet legend, Fox News Latino journalist, podcaster and all around good guy. The legendary Soopermexican.

Make sure you follow Soopermexican on twitter HERE

You also must go and listen to his excellent podcast, go HERE and listen now.

Enjoy !!

P.S - A big thankyou to Soopermexican for being on the show with us, and for also providing us with the artwork.
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