The Lords Of Salem - An Exercise in Revilement.


Well, well, well, look has been thrown into the ring with the MMC again, why it's our old mate Rob Zombie. On this episode, we, along with our returning guest host Garo Nigoghossian, take a roundtable look at Mr. Zombie's latest... effort - The Lords of Salem. What did we think of it? Did we like it? Did we wanna burn every known existing print of it? Listen on and find out. 

You can get Garo HERE on Twitter. 

Like the Facebook page to his upcoming film 'Dangerous People' HERE

Watch the trailer to 'Dangerous People' on Vimeo HERE (not recommended for viewing in a work station, Angelina may melt your computer screens)

PLEASE NOTE - For this episode, we were unfortunately plagued again with the same audio issues we suffered on our last episode 'Crash Cinema'. This problem has now been rectified, and will not occur again in the future. Thanks for understanding.

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