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Hey all, Stu here with a review of the wonderful new Blu Ray release of 'Suspiria'.

What can be said about Suspiria, and equally, it's director Dario Argento that hasn't been said before? "The Italian Hitchcock", (One of) The Masters of Horror". We've heard numerous accolades thrown his way, and rightly so.

'Suspiria' still manages - after 35 years - to be one of the eeriest films ever made. Not one I had seen for at least 7 or 8 years, so I was wondering how my reaction would be after watching this again on this gorgeous looking Blu Ray.

in a nutshell - It's still got it.

Lets move on to the review though. I will not spoil 'Suspiria' here with an elongated breakdown of the plot, but rather condense it down to a few lines, enough for you to get an idea of what you are in for, without completely giving the plot away.

Suzy (Jessica Harper) is an American ballet student, who is transferred to a Dance Academy in Germany, with all not being as Suzy had thought, the place is run by Witches.

Sounds pretty cool as a premise huh? Well it is.

I really don't want to delve too deep into the plot than that, as there is so many wonderful elements to this story, that the film fan in me wants you to watch this instead of blurting out every-damn-scene.

I will say this though, the performances are solid, the score is unconventional but completely suits the film, the direction is brilliant, and the cinematography is just - wow !!

Now, let me get on to the actual review of this Blu Ray. The picture image is Sumptuous. That's the first word that came to my mind when I watched this. Colours are deep and rich, blurring is not an issue, nor is excessive DNR work.

The audio is a treat also. We are treated to a solid Dolby True HD 5.1 soundtrack, which captures the ambient mood just nicely, and oh boy, does this film have mood.

Also on hand are a swag of extras. Among them are the oft seen, yet still entertaining 'An Eye for Horror' documentary, A 25th Anniversary documentary, A Cine-Excess of Suspiria documentary, interviews, trailers and photo gallery to boot also.

All in all, this disc is a must have. If you have never seen an Argento film, this (along with Deep Red) is as good as any place to start. I would definitely say give Suspiria a watch, it is the first of his 'Three Mothers' Trilogy (the other 2 being the excellent 'Inferno' and the average 'Mother of Tears')

A big thankyou to Mishell and Umbrella Entertainment for supplying us with this Blu Ray for review purposes.

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