Ronnie Coleman: The King



Yeah buddy! the MMC crew are back, and digging into the world of Bodybuilding once again. Hunter is on board for his first ever MMC Bodybuilding episode. This time we look at the documentary, on one of the greatest, and some would say controversial, bodybuilders of all time - Ronnie Coleman.

What shrouds this man in controversy you ask? Well, he was one of the pioneers, of the 'Mass Monster' phase that was ushered into Bodybuilding in the mid to late 90's, he was certainly the most successful one.

However, as years have gone by, and with Coleman in retirement, his insane training regiment, has finally taken it's toll. Numerous back surgeries have left Coleman nigh on crippled at the moment.

Give this a listen, then give it a watch. A fascinating documentary, on a guy who had it all and throughout managed to keep his humility, unfortunately, he couldn't keep his mobility.

See ya next episode

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