Rock Month: The Misfits



It's June, that can only mean one thing here over at the MMC - Rock Month!!! And, to kick off Rock Month this year, we have a band, whose logo is far more well known than their music - The Misfits.

See we here at the MMC, are actually fans of The Misfits, we just don't think that the Crimson Ghost looks good on a t-shirt, no we actually like their music - A LOT.

So listen in as we go over their catalogue in the Glenn Danzig era (the only true Misfits era in our eyes and ears). We do however, glaze over the other Misfits releases post Danzig, with very mixed feelings.

So sit back, pop your hair into a devilock, grab some brains to munch on and enjoy.... or we'll send some whores to your house.
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