Rock Month: Ted Nugent



YOU KNOW WHAT WE GOT HERE BABY??? IT'S A GOD DAMN FREE FOR ALL!!!! It's also, the final week of Rock Month here at the MMC. Yeah we know that June has past, and we are into the first few days of July, but this episode needed to be done right. 
Why you ask? Well, because this week, we talk MMC favourite, and rock god, Ted Nugent.
This episode, we cover his collaborations with on again / off again band member Derek St. Holmes. They are all here, Ted Nugent, Free For All, Cat Scratch Fever, Double Live Gonzo and more.
Light up your BBQ's, send your 17 year old Hawaiian girlfriend outta the room, and hold onto your machine guns, this is Ted Nugent, MMC style.
'merica - Fuck Yeah !!!!
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