Expansion of the Midnight Movie Cowboys



Hey all, Stu here.

Hunter and I are very happy to announce our 3rd, and  newest member here at the Midnight Movie Cowboys - John Grace. For those of you who have been following us, John was on the Bruce Lee episode (along with his Damaged Viewing co-host Louis Fowler) , and also was on the Bronx Warriors show.

Now, for those of you who know John, and his show Damaged Viewing - John is still a member of Damaged Viewing, we haven't stolen him Azaria Chamberlain style, he is just now a permanent member with us also - so everybody wins.

Also, the Midnight Movie Cowboys will now be a bi-weekly show, featuring all of us, or if not, at least 2 of us in some capacity. Hence, more MMC shows throughout 2013 and beyond.

Now, does this mean we won't be having special guests on with us in the future? Absolutely not !! Andrew Farmer will most definitely be back with us throughout the year whenever his schedule permits (or we all watch a crappy film we wanna talk about, and the words FARMER crop in the conversation) Also, there are a few more guests in mind we would like to have who you have never heard before on the MMC who we think you're gonna love.

So, we want you all to welcome John on board with us.

2013 is gonna be a big year for us.

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