Dec 30, 2013

Anchorman 2

Here we are folks, as promised at the end of our CRASH CINEMA episode, we said once ANCHORMAN 2 was released, we'd have our guest, the Armenian madman, and staunch Obama supporter (hehe) Garo Nigoghossian, back on.... and we do !!!

After 9 long years, a fake twitter account that sent Hollywood abuzz with rumours of a sequel, and a whole lot of anticipation. We finally got to see ANCHORMAN 2. 

So, you're asking yourself, what did we think of it? Well, you will need to listen on and see what all of us, including Garo's one black friend thought of it.

In typical Midnight Movie Cowboys ADD style of podcasting, we can't just stick to a review of the film, so the last 30 mins spirals into some light-hearted, unbiased, political chat (trust us, its not the boring old type of political chat you're accustomed to)

On a final note, we want to thank every one of you who listen to, and support this show, we do this for YOU. Thank you so much.

See you all in 2014.
Hunter, Stu and John

Garo's links:

Dangerous People Facebook Page  (you can even see what Garo looks like there, he's the one in the Top Hat !!)

Buy Garo's first film Actress Apocalypse HERE (hey, it's even released by Crash Cinema)

Dec 9, 2013

Up late with Soopermexican

Alec Baldwin. What would we do without him? There would be no daily joy, of the saga, that is his life to read about on a near daily basis.

To help us talk all things Alec Baldwin's massive public meltdown, is a man, who has, literally, contributed to it, via his epic battles on Twitter. Soopermexican !!!!

Go here to read how Soopermexican OWNED Alec Baldwin, time after time.

So epic was Soopermexican's twitter war with Baldwin, that it made Fox News.

It also led to this 

On this episode, Hunter, John and the return of Stu, team up with the internet legend, Fox News Latino journalist, podcaster and all around good guy. The legendary Soopermexican.

Make sure you follow Soopermexican on twitter HERE

You also must go and listen to his excellent podcast, go HERE and listen now.

Enjoy !!

P.S - A big thankyou to Soopermexican for being on the show with us, and for also providing us with the artwork.


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