Dec 23, 2021

A Pistol For Ringo



For our Christmas special, John, Hunter, and Eric discuss the Christmas-themed spaghetti western, “A Pistol for Ringo,” a genre rarity indeed! Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Dec 14, 2021

The Man from Hong Kong


Hey friends, back with a new episode. On this one, Hunter and John discuss the 1975 Strayan action flick - The Man from Hong Kong. Starring the blink-and-you'll-miss-him-James-Bond George Lazenby, and the impossibly difficult Jimmy Wang Yu, directed by Leprechaun 3 master filmmaker Brian Trenchard-Smith.

The lads talk about Wang Yu, a lot about BT-S, and lament what would have been for the ex car salesman turned one time James Bond actor Lazenby.

Enjoy this 'un folks.


Dec 9, 2021

Straight Time



Hey fam, back with a new one. On this episode, the three of us look at the little known, but absolutely dynamic Dustin Hoffman film from 1978 - Straight Time.

Featuring a knockout performance by Hoffman, (one of his best) along with a string of more than noteworthy other cast performances. This is one definitely worth checking out.

As usual, we have our Whip out your junk and Rue, Brittania segments. We are also on Youtube if you want to watch this episode, and see us in all our glory.

See ya next episode


Dec 1, 2021

Winners and Sinners



Hey friends, we're back with a new episode. On this one Stu and John look at the 1983 (mostly) comedy / action film from Sammo Hung - Winners and Sinners.

We talk about this film, along with other Sammo Hung / Jackie Chan collaborations, and the talented cast associated with this film.

See ya next episode



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