Nov 17, 2021

The Farmer (1977)



Hey friends, we're back with a new episode, and on this one, we are joined by Eric Zaldivar and special guest author Chris Pogialli, to discuss the rarely seen film from 1977 - The Farmer.

It's an interesting discussion about a wildly violent film, that has yet to ever receive a home video release on any format (that we are aware of anyway).

We want to thank Chris and Eric for joining us on this one. The new segments are here also - Whip out your Junk and Rue, Britannia.


Nov 12, 2021

Whip out your Junk



Hey friends, we're back with a new episode, and a new format. Whilst you are listening to this on your usual streaming haunts, you can now watch this very episode on youtube. Yes, that's right, what you are hearing, you can actually watch Hunter, John and Stu recording it.

Anyway, on this episode, we whip out our junk, not like that!! No, we show you our purchases over the last month. Why do this type of episode you ask? Well, this will be a new weekly feature we will be doing, whilst this is a full length version of it, from here on in, it'll be a mini segment on the MMC, this is just a primer for what to expect.

Speaking of new segments. We also have a new segment. Rue, Britannia. Our weekly British news and general musings, from the desk of none other than the man himself Anthony Nesbitt AKA The Nes.

We are very excited about this new leap we are taking - but fear not - the audio version you are accustomed will always be available too, it's just that now, we have added another element - video.

Anyway, enjoy, link to the youtube version is HERE. Head on over there, like and subscribe to show the MMC some love.




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