Sep 29, 2021

Escape From L.A.



John and Hunter revisit John Carpenter's Escape From L.A., his tepidly received remake/sequel to Escape From New York. How does it hold up years later? How did it so accurately predict what L.A. would be like today? Is Snake playing basketball cool? All shall be revealed.

Sep 22, 2021

The Doodler AKA It‘s Satanic, Until Proven Panic



Hey gang, back again with another episode. This time, we go back to the crime world, with another unsolved case - The Doodler.

As per our previous EAR/ONS episodes, we are again joined by Gian Quasar, and another gentleman known simply as 'Dan'.

This is a fascinating episode, and another bizarre case, that has to be heard to be believed. We won't give too much away in the show notes.

Check out Gian's exhaustive report on the Doodler HERE

See you next episode


Sep 15, 2021

Fist of Fury 2



Hey gang, another week, another episode, only this one is different. We were called out - via email - from a listener, who decided our Martial Arts cred was not up to his standard.... so we called HIM out to come on the show and 'teach us'.

How does it turn out? And just how much does this guy really know? Listen on and find out.

Next week we dive back into the world of true crime, but for now, enjoy Fist of Fury 2......hehehehehe



Sep 8, 2021

Best and Worst Studio Logos


A highly unusual but very interesting listener request! STUDIO LOGOS! We all see them! We've seen most of them! So, which ones are good? Which ones suck? Which variations are good and not so good? Listen and find out. We also go on a tangent about Spielberg.

Sep 3, 2021

All Filler, No Killer Part III



Hey friends, So, we had an idea for a show, then realised it maybe wasn't going to fill up a great deal of time, and we'd have to tangent a bit to give one of our full length episodes, so we decided to go back to the well (AKA the easy way out) and continue with our (very popular) All Filler, No Killer series.


So, yeah, it's all about the tangents, rants and discussions about anything that comes to mind. What's in this one? Well we discuss..... nah screw it, listen on, and find out for yourself. There's plenty of things covered in this one.


The link to the download, for The Shaggs album discussed within (ok, that's one thing we talk about) can be found HERE <---- (click this link in other words)



See ya next week


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