Aug 16, 2020



Ok, before you hurl your abuse, saying this was due out a month ago - we get it!! it's overdue, but life gets in the way. Anyway...

Welcome to week 2 of Doc Month. With this one, we are joined by The Bullsh*t Kid himself - Eric Zaldivar, to discuss a topic, which lately, seems to be rearing it's head on here a lot lately on the MMC - Eurocrime.

We look at the documentary Eurocrime (of which Eric was involved with it's making) to discuss, an era of years gone by - Italian crime films.

There are some hilarious stories on here, one almighty 20 minute plus tangent, and a bunch of other stuff.

Thanks for your patience, this episode will be worth it. We'll be back straight into it to bring you week 3 to close out Doc Month sooner rather than later.



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