Dec 19, 2019

The X-Files: “Drive”


In this episode, John and Hunter take a look at the nineties TV conspiracy show, "X-Files". The episode we focus on is episode two of season six: "Drive". The episode was written by future "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan, and features a guest appearance by Bryan Cranston. We also talk about the show's impact as a whole, looking at it then and now, and how it figures in to the conspiracy culture of the day.

Check out the intro to the episode below!



Dec 2, 2019

Another State of Mind



Hey punks, skaters, moshers, skinheads, slam dancers and everyone else, the MMC are (finally) back with a new episode. On this one Stu and John look at the influential, low budget punk documentary from 1984 - Another State of Mind

Get on the bus with us, Youth Brigade and Social Distortion, and see a genuine DIY tour, and all the trappings that come with it.

So sit back with a pig fat infused milkshake, and listen to us talk Another State of Mind.

Watch the full thing here




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