Jun 24, 2019

Rock Month: Empire Records



Rock Month 2019 continues! For our second week, John Grace did something unorthodox for Rock Month, he picked a movie instead of a band, and the movie he picked is nineties cult favorite "Empire Records"! Joining Hunter and John is returning guest Zolly Becker. The various cuts of the movie, the soundtrack, the glory of Rex Manning, and many other topics are discussed. Go listen!


Jun 13, 2019

Rock Month: Volbeat


Heeeeyyyyy everybody. Well it's that time of year again - Rock Month!! Yes we are a little behind schedule with it this year, but we WILL get our 4 Rock Month episodes out there. First off, as it always is, is Stu's pick, and this time we travel to Denmark, home of the heavenly tasting Havarti cheese, and the mighty VOLBEAT.

We go through their entire studio discography, and a tangent or two is thrown in there also (yes Eddie Trunk, we're looking at you)

For the first time ever, no John on this one, so Hunter and Stu get to geek out over Michael Poulsen and the Volbeat crew.

Have fun with this one and if you haven't heard them yet, go check out Volbeat.



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