Sep 27, 2018

The Monkees: HEAD


Head, Head, Head... so repeats the voice, on the film we cover this week, The Monkees surrealist comedy HEAD. A film by a band, that most considered a joke, and had, a rather silly television series, would be considered somewhat of a strain to get through right? but is it? Did we like it? Who did? Who didn't? You will just need to listen on and find out, ya dig?

See ya next week

Sep 15, 2018

Flaming Star


The gangs all here this week. This episode was recorded, the day of Burt Reynolds death, so there is a bit of Burt talk on this one. 

Our main discussion is the Elvis film Flaming Star, however there are side tangents on Elvis also.

It all makes for a bit of Elvis goodness.

Go get it.

Sep 3, 2018




The Lawnmower killers' back and I'm gonna get him!! Hey gang, we're back, finally, with a new episode, only Hunter and John are not this week, so to help Stu out on this one, his brother Jules returns, to discuss a film they have lived with since 1983 - WACKO.

Never heard of it? well, it does have a cult following, but for those of you unfamiliar with it, sit back, and let Stu and Jules wax lyrical on it.

They also get into discussion on THAT Roadshow catalogue from 1983, and the impact it had on them. Confused yet? It will all make sense, listen on and find out.



Hunter and John will be back next episode, in the meantime, get your ears filled with everything Wacko

See ya next week

P.S - Just two side notes, on the episode, Stu mentions the film as being from 1981, well, this film has a varied release history. IMDB says 1982, however filmmaker Greydon Clark has it on his website as 1983. So who really knows? We gotta go with Greydon on this one.

Also, there is talk throughout of Stu trying to find a soundtrack to this film for the last near on 20 years. At the point of time we recorded this, it was still unfound... that is until later that night after Jules and I had parted company, stone me, if Stu found it on a blog out on the net. You can download it HERE and get yourself some Avalon goodness.



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