Jun 30, 2018

Rock Month: Motorhead



And so it is, that we wind up Rock Month 2018, but what a band to finish with. Friends, this week,  we bring you, the one, the only - MOTORHEAD.

On this episode we look at 7 Motorhead albums in particular, but also talk all the other albums in their discography briefly too. 

It all makes up for one hell of a show, so sit back, get your Jack Daniels, perch yourself at your beloved Ms. Pac-Man machine and listen on.

Back to te usual film discussion next week, but for now, get yourself some Motorhead.


Jun 22, 2018

Rock Month: Devin Townsend



Greetings friends, we are back this week, in search of the perfect cup of coffee, and also week 3 of Rock Month. This time, it's Hunter's pick, and he has gone for Canadian artist, and man of many varied styles - Devin Townsend.

This may be the most interesting Rock Month episode ever, as Townsends music can be polarizing, and his sound, as you will find out, isn't for everybody.

Listen on, and enjoy. We'll be back for the final week of Rock Month of 2018 next week.

Jun 14, 2018

Rock Month: Silverhead



Here we are friends, back with week 2 of Rock Month, and what would usually be Hunter's pick (that will be next week) we are actually going with John's this time around. So what obscurity has he pulled out for this year? A band I dare say you (along with Hunter and Stu) have never heard of - Silverhead.

With a discography only spanning two albums (hence the shorter than usual running time for a Rock Month episode) we look at the the band, and it's frontman Michael Des Barres.

So pop on your spandex, grab the blush and lipstick, and listen on with us.

See ya next week.

Jun 7, 2018

Rock Month: The Macc Lads



Eh Up! Ok gang, well it is that time of the year, Rock Month is here!! To start off the month, we head up to the North of England, to Macclesfield to be precise, and focus on (what some folks call) the most offensive band ever to come out of Great Britain - The Macc Lads.

Listen on and hear Hunter and John's reactions, to the (so called) obnoxious (but cleverly written) lyrics and punk rock greatness, while Stu (who chose them for RM) sees them in a different light. Anyway, it is one hell of a way to kick the month off, we'll be back next week with John's pick. 

Enjoy ya poofs.


Buy Macc Lads CD's HERE

Buy Macc Lads DVD's (Region Free) HERE

Go find out about all things Macc Lads HERE

Go read their lyrics (for those of you who struggle to understand a fookin word) HERE


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