Sep 26, 2017



Hey gang, we're back again this week with another episode, well Stu is, Hunter and John though are absent on this one. So, to help Stu out, he has his brother Julian (AKA Jules) in the MMC studio with him, to wax lyrical on a film the both of them have had a lifelong love for - Mike Leigh's 'Meantime'.

We break down all facets of the film, and quote lines that nobody else would remember, because, well, we know this film like the back of our hand.

So listen on with us, and learn about this masterpiece of a film, which is now available on a beautiful Criterion Blu Ray which you can find HERE

A big thanks to Jules for joining me on this one. Cheers.

See you all next week.


Sep 17, 2017

Rio Bravo


Hey Paly, this week, those MMC boys, are doing a film, starring little ol' me - Deano.

It's a chatty little tale, starring American icon John Wayne, breaker of female hearts Walter Brennan - I mean Ricky Nelson (I gotta stop drinking) breaker of male hearts Angie Dickinson, and Walter Brennan.

So sit down, and listen on with them, and find out why one of the MMC members (hint: He's Australian) doesn't know a thing about American culture.

See ya next week.

Sep 8, 2017

Red Dragon



The Midnight Movie Cowboys, finally back with a new episode. Do you see?



An episode where Stuart and John talk all things Red Dragon, the book and its subsequent film adaptations, Do you see?



Brett Ratner, being trashed for the insepid filmmaker that he is, Do you see?



Then listener, you are in for some fun




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