Jul 29, 2017

Johnnie To’s ‘Three’



What's up friends? This week the MMC along with regular (not his bowels, his appearances on the show) Garo Nigoghossian, discuss the latest Johnnie To film THREE.

'tis an odd tale, and if you like Greys Anatomy with some gun play, then, you are gonna love this. If a bunch of folks in a hospital bed isn't your thing... steer clear.

This episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. The easily triggered may wanna stay away.

There is also a little discussion on the film Dunkirk. A full length episode on that may happen in the future, who knows. For now though, dive in, in extremely slow motion, into THREE.

See ya next week.

Jul 20, 2017

Mad Max 2



Hunter and Stu are joined by Garo for yet another trip into the post-apocalyptic Outback of Australia with Mad Max, this time covering the seminal classic Mad Max 2, aka The Road Warrior to us Yanks. 

Of course, no one can stay on topic, and tangents include ramblings regarding John Woo, Donald J. Trump, and Sylvester Stallone. 

Below, you can find a famous scene from the movie that was shot at Stuart's house, featuring his local electronics dealer.

Thanks to all of you who have donated, and Stuart has an update about the donation pack on the show as well.

Also, many thanks to those who have rated and reviewed us on iTunes.

Much obliged! Enjoy, and see y'all next week.


Jul 13, 2017

Our Man Flint



Another year, another Rock Month draws to a close.

This week, John and Hunter get back to movies with the Hollywood Bond spoof Our Man Flint, starring James Coburn. We look at the bizarre tone of the film, the persona of Coburn, and of course, fly off on many tangents as well, including John and Hunter's first IRL meetup.

Be sure to rate and review us on iTunes, and thanks for listening, Hunter will be back with Garo and Stu next week.



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