Aug 29, 2016

The Hebrew Hammer


Hey all, this week, the Midnight Movie Cowboys, become The Midnight Movie Cowgoys. That's right, we get our Jew on, by covering  the ultimate Jewish comedy - THE HEBREW HAMMER. We are also joined on this episode, by our friend, and podcaster extraordinaire Mr. Craig Cohen. We are also joined in the last third of the episode, by a very special guest, the writer / director of The Hebrew Hammer - Mr. Jonathan Kesselman.

This film is an absolute blast, the episode was a riot to do, and we look forward to having both Craig and Jonathan back with us again very soon.

Anyway, you can catch our guests at the following links.

Craig Cohen's awesome podcast Slycast can be found HERE

Find Craig on Twitter HERE and Slycast on Twitter HERE

Find Slycast on Facebook HERE

Find Jonathan on Twitter HERE

Go visit Jonathan's website, for all information on him and his work HERE

Go watch the trailer to his new film JIMMY VESTVOOD: AMERIKAN HERO 

P..S - Thanks to Jonathan for letting us use the never-before-released theme to The Hebrew Hammer at the end of this episode.

Shabbat Shalom Motherfuckers!!

Aug 21, 2016

Free for All


You know what we got here? We got ourselves a damn free for all!! That's right, this week, there is no film covered, it is all a freeform conversation, which lead into something we are the masters at - Rants.

As this was a last minute thing we decided to just roll with it, and see where it lead us, here is how it turned out.

Fear not, we will be back next week with a film we have in mind, it should be a good 'un also.

See ya next week

Aug 14, 2016

Pumping Iron II - The Women


This week, the MMC looks at a sequel to a documentary we covered a few years ago - Pumping Iron.

Yes, that's right, John and Stuart look at the female side of Bodybuilding with PUMPING IRON II - The Women.

As mentioned, this film is an oddity, much like Bodybuilding itself, but we love the sport of Bodybuilding, and this certainly is one we needed to cover.

What were our thoughts on it? Listen on and find out. 


You can watch this, long unavailable documentary in FULL here on youtube.

Aug 7, 2016

Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition


Hey, what's going on MMC? This is the second recent film within a month you guys have covered, you guys selling out? 

No, we are not. We just felt compelled to cover this film, along with the return of our special guest, and friend, Cameron Cloutier, as this version of Batman V Superman, has a different structure, to that of it's theatrical release. 

So how did it all pan out? Well you are going to have to listen on and find out.

You can find Cameron on the various links below

Go to his YouTube channel HERE

Go to the Obnoxious and Anonymous Facebook page HERE

Follow Cameron on Twitter HERE

See you all next week



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