Jan 31, 2016

The Yakuza


Konnichiwa. This week here on the MMC we head to the streets of Japan and discuss the 1974 flick THE YAKUZA. How does it fare up after 40 plus years? Well, listen on and find out. There is also the usual non topic banter you expect from us. Thoughts on the Oscar boycott, plus Stu and John give Hunter some important tips on just what sort of women he should be looking for in the dating scene, plus some other stuff we bushido on about.
It all makes for another way that the MMC get your week started (or winding it up, depend on how you view the calendar week).
See ya next week

Jan 25, 2016

Do You Even Riff, Bro?


This week's episode is and impromptu recording John and Hunter did after a guest didn't show up. The topic is just random riffing, from the death of Lemmy to other random asides. Listen in and enjoy!

Jan 15, 2016

Creed with Paul Bishop


Well, here we are, back for the first episode of 2016. As promised during our episode with Paul Bishop from last year, we said we would discuss the latest instalment in the Rocky series - Creed. Anyway, we were due to break tradition, and cover a current blockbuster, so here it is.
Thanks to Paul for returning back with us on this one, it was a lot of fun.
Please excuse the whirring noise during the first couple of minutes of the episode, it was hotter than hell itself when Stuart was recording, and the sound you hear is the sound of his fan blasting at full pelt. It disappears real quick though.
Also, listen out for an announcement regarding our donation episode we still have available (for now anyway)
See ya next week


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