Dec 30, 2014

The Prince of Piracy


Welcome all, to the last episode of the Midnight Movie Cowboys for 2014, and what a doozy  we have for you.
On this one, we interview the infamous Johnnyray Gasca, the only man ever to be charged, and jailed for video piracy. Here Johnnyray talks about his trial, the incidents leading up to it, his love for Kung Fu films, and tell us all about his own upcoming movie. He also gives us details of things nobody has ever heard before.
This is what we call 'Information Overload', and we cannot thank Johnnyray enough for taking time out with us, to tell his incredible story.
Watch his I Almost Got Away With It episode HERE
Here is the trailer to his upcoming film THE GATHERING

See you in 2015

Dec 17, 2014

Game of Death part deaux


Stuart has gone to Queensland to meet the Queen, so it's just John and Hunter this week discussing the oddball posthumous Bruce Lee movie, Game of Death II, and how it's so much better than Robert Clouse's lousy Game of Death

Dec 8, 2014

Bruce Li - Three Avengers


We're back, after having last week off. This episode we talk a Bruce Li film - that's right, we said Bruce Li. We talk his 1979 action comedy Three Avengers AKA Lama Avenger. We discuss Bruce's dissatisfaction with being dubbed a Bruce Lee clone.
We also talk a bunch of other things. NSFW, probably gonna offend somebody out there, who has lived under a rock, and has no sense of humor.
See ya next week.


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