Sep 26, 2014

Generation Iron


This week on the MMC, Stu and John (no Hunter this week) return to the world of Bodybuilding, and look at the 2013 documentary GENERATION IRON. 
A somewhat sequel to the legendary PUMPING IRON, this film looks at the current crop of elite bodybuilders, and the ones hoping to make their mark.
So, get your N.O and Creatine ready, jump in the gym with us and listen.
* Please note the 'Road to the Olympia' dvd's Stu speaks of on this episode, are actually titled 'Battle for the Olympia' by Mitsuru Okabe

Sep 18, 2014

Friedkin’s The Hunted


John and Hunter delve into William Friedkin's underseen thriller The Hunted this week, and also discuss the controversy around Gene Simmons' "rock is dead" comments, as well as Apple giving people a new U2 album for free. 

Sep 10, 2014

Death Wish


How much bad luck can one man have? Ask Charles Bronson. Wondering what we are talking about? Then you obviously haven't seen any of the Death Wish films.
On this weeks episode Stu and John (Hunter is off in Dallas partying it up with King Diamond) along with special guest Paul Talbot, author of the one and only book on the Death Wish series - Bronson's Loose, discuss the series at depth. All the things you wanted to know about the series, Paul has all the dirt on it.
Listen on, or we'll blow you away...pond scum
See ya next week
Paul's Links
Find him on Facebook HERE.
Buy 'Bronson's Loose' HERE
Buy Paul's other books HERE

Sep 3, 2014



After 4, testosterone filled years, the MMC finally have a female join us for an episode. However, we don't have just some ordinary lady on with us, we have the great Leslie Ann Dowd. Opinionated, smart and sexy all rolled into one, listen as we discuss the obscure as fuck 1983 documentary RETURN ENGAGEMENT.
Sit back, let your ears be soothed by a woman's sweet tone, and listen to Stu woo Leslie like no other man can.
Say my name Stu - LESLIE!!!!!
See ya next week.
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