Aug 29, 2014

*****No Show this Week*****

Hey all

 Just a heads up to let you all know, there is no new episode this week. Due to a late-in-the-week recording, and very limited time to edit it, to be released in time. 
Also, we have been busy acquiring guests for future episodes, and time has simply slipped away from us.
We will definitely be back next week, with a new episode, with a very sexy, and intelligent guest. Intrigued? You should be.
Thanks for your patience
See you all next week

Aug 21, 2014

Wild Style


It was 1983. Hip-Hop was just breaking through, and a little independent film, WILD STYLE would be the template for all other hip-hop flicks to follow. On this episode we look at, with our very special guest, the legendary (and Rock Steady Crew member) DJ Skeme Richards, this pioneer film.
Cultural and musical diversities abound, make this a fascinating episode. Come listen as both Skeme and John, give those lowbrow Rock / Metal lovers Stu and Hunter a lesson in all things Urban.
We cannot thank, the very busy DJ Skeme Richards, enough for his time to jump on with us.
For all of Skeme's links, please see below
DJ SKEME RICHARDS ON SOUNDCLOUD (listen dammit, it's awesome)
See ya next week

Aug 15, 2014

Mail Call #1


LISTEN UP!!! This week, we did something different. You ask the questions, we answer them. We will do more MAIL CALL's in the future , every so often. For now, here's the first episode of MAIL CALL

Aug 11, 2014

Oz-Ploination Episode 3 - Heathens


Offensive? Welcome to the world of 'The Heathens'. On the return of this side series (no Stu is not on another hiatus) Myself and my Oz-Ploination co host Rob decide to cover the basically unseen 30 minute short film documentary 'Heathens'.
Only ever released as a VHS rental in Australia (maybe Melbourne only?) we dig into the most brutal, offensive and funniest thing you will EVER see.
Wanna see it?
Also we now have an open group on facebook for you all to join in on a discussion, or start one of your own with us and other members. Go join it HERE
As you may have worked out, this episode, nor the video are absolutely NOT SAFE FOR WORK
See you all next time

Aug 6, 2014

All serving men have one thing in common…


This week John and Hunter discuss Ted Kotcheff's Uncommon Valor, starring Gene Hackman and Patrick Swayze. If you don't listen, you hate America, so don't be a filthy commie and tune in!


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