Jan 27, 2014

Looking Good: The Career of Freddie Prinze

Looking Good !!!!! A phrase heard, and used commonly throughout the 70's, thanks to one individual, our subject for this episode - Freddie Prinze. No, not Freddie Prinze Jr. instead we look at his father, and his meteoric rise to fame at age 18, only to lose everything, by his own hand at the tender age of 22.

We look at his television film 'Million Dollar Rip Off', the 1979 biopic on him 'Can You Hear the Laughter', and of course, we look at the role of Chico Rodriguez in 'Chico and the Man', the show which catapulted him to fame in 1974.

Sit back with us, and learn about the highly talented, fascinating, and tragic figure that is Freddie Prinze.



Chico and the Man DVD HERE on Amazon (an absolute must, buy it!!!)

The Million Dollar Rip Off DVD HERE on Amazon

The Million Dollar Rip Off Digital File HERE on Amazon

Can You Hear the Laughter VHS HERE on Amazon

Looking Good (Freddie's only live stand-up album on CD) HERE on Amazon

The Freddie Prinze Story (book written by his mother Maria Pruetzel) HERE on Amazon

Also, for all your info on Freddie Prinze, go visit this fantastic website HERE

also, go like their Facebook page HERE and show 'em your a fan of Freddie's like us here at the Midnight Movie Cowboys

Jan 14, 2014

Henchman: The Al Leong story

Let the truth be told, we here at the Midnight movie Cowboys LOVE Al Leong. Al who you ask? You may not know his name, but we promise you, you will know his face.

Anyway, John alerted us to a documentary currently in production Henchman: The Al Leong story. Not one to let an opportunity to pass us by, we hit up the Producer / Director of this epic project, Matt Olivo. A cool ass guy, with a lot of great stories about Al. 

Here is the finished result of that conversation we had a few nights back. 

Throughout the course of Matt's documentary on Al Leong, we will be catching up with him every so often to see how things are progressing. The picture below says it all.

Please go give Matt's Facebook page a 'like' to show you are behind this awesome project. Go visit it HERE

Viva La Leong



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