Sep 30, 2013

A Tale Of Two Phantoms

Welcome, the the MMC's 50th episode (yes we still keep count, even if our episodes are no longer numbered). On this one, the three of us are giving you, the listener, a bumper episode (in fact, it's the MMC's longest episode in our history). We take a look at the 2 varying cuts of KISS' film from 1978 KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK, and it's 1979 theatrical version ATTACK OF THE PHANTOMS.

What did we like? what didn't we like? Listen on and find out. 

As an added bonus, after the film's discussion is complete. We give you, an audio commentary to the ATTACK OF THE PHANTOMS cut of the film, found on KISSOLOGY Vol. 2. 

Please note, to sync up with us for the commentary, you will need the REGION 1 NTSC edition of KISSOLOGY Vol. 2 Listen for the instructions, and then, you're good to go.

On a personal note, we want to thank every one of you for helping us get to 50 episodes, we couldn't have done it without you guys and gals. It has been a hell of a ride, and one that will continue - of that, we promise.



Sep 18, 2013

Duke In A Blue Dress

Well Hello there pilgrim, excuse me while I change back into my male swag... ah that's enough implying the Duke was a cross dresser. On this episode, Hunter and John (no Stu this one) look at the work of John Wayne, and in particular the 1961 film The Comancheros. 

So put on your spurs and ten gallon hat, grab a brew, go easy on the injun, and listen along with us.



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