Apr 19, 2013

A Horror Fan$ Guide To Convention$$$$$


Hey, I really liked you in that film you did, can I have your autograph? What? 25 bucks?

And so begins our first ever episode based on Horror. Only we don't look at the Horror genre per se, more the horror of finding out that d-list celebrity you liked in that horror film you loved from way back when, is gonna charge you money to get their autograph, or to get a picture taken with them.

Is it a practice endorsed by us here? Well, listen on and find out. Unfortunately, Hunter is absent from this episode due to other commitments he could not get out of, and John joins in halfway through. So, who helps Stu out on this debate? Well none other than a couple of friends of ours, who know the horror genre better than just about anybody. Gregamortis and Haddonfield Hatchet from the most awesome LAND OF THE CREEPS podcast.

So sit back with us, and listen on. This episode is free, but if you want it signed by us, it's gonna cost ya $30 .... just kidding.



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