Mar 27, 2013

Metal Evolution: Part 3


Get in the pit, it's time to mosh. Then it's time to question music's direction and then, it's time to be violently ill with the state of so-called modern metal. That's right, in this episode Hunter, Stu AND John talk Thrash Metal, Grunge and that god awful Nu Metal.

In this episode, we look at episodes 6 - 8 in the most righteous METAL EVOLUTION series.

Listen as we discuss, argue and reminisce about Metal. We also throw Fred Durst very little love.

See you all next time for the conclusion of the Metal Evolution series.


Mar 19, 2013

‘Starry Eyes’ Kickstarter

Hey everyone,

A good friend of mine, John Jarzemsky, is producing a promising feature film called Starry Eyes that is looking for financing via Kickstarter. Despite not having a Veronica Mars-sized following, they're doing pretty well in gathering funds, but they still need some help. There are plenty of cool goodies they have to offer for pledging some them some of your cash, including some stuff that will be of interest to you Chuck Palahniuk fans out there. So take a minute to check out their page, watch their video, and throw a few bucks their way. Any help is appreciated!




Mar 11, 2013

Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze


Have no fear, the man of Bronze is here. Yes he is here indeed. On this episode, Hunter and John discuss the mid 70's action adventure classi... film - Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze.

Get yourself a whole lot of ischooling on all things Doc Savage... with a dash of Tarzan too (the Ron Ely connection you see)

No Stu this episode, he was unavailable, he'll be back next one.



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