Feb 25, 2013

7 Grandmasters… With A Side Bowl of Kung Fu

Long hair, crazy as fuck beards, no, we are not talking about Alan Moore, we are in fact talking about a Taiwanese film from 1978 - 7 Grandmasters.


A film that falls in between the cracks of 'other' Kung Fu films, that are generally known by the masses, but one we feel is important to the genre.

So sit back as we 3 discuss this little seen gem, along with our thoughts on some other Kung Fu flicks, just for good measure.


Feb 11, 2013

The Bluth, and nothing but the Bluth


Ok, this is interesting. You know the term "Something old is something new"? Well, that is definitely the case with this episode. Goes like this.

This was recorded, all the way back in March 2012. It was done as Stu had gone on hiatus, after his wife had had their 5th kid. Hunter was asked to "carry on as usual" with other guests. Unfortunately, just after this was recorded, the then Memphis wing of the MMC recording suites, went haywire and crapped itself - hence, no other shows were recorded in Stu's absence.

Anyway, on this episode, Hunter is joined by Rick Gutierrez (who you guys would have heard on the 'Disney on Ice' and 'Wayan in on Hollywood' episodes) Here, the guys talk all things about Animation wiz 'Don Bluth'

Go check out Rick's sites The United States of Geekdom and his side jam Rediscovering the Magic.

Midnight Movie Cowboys will return to it's normal scheduling from next episode onwards.


Feb 4, 2013

Stu reviews Braquo - Season 1

So, I was told about this little television series from France named 'Braquo' and just how good it was. I was kindly sent the disc for review, with mild expectations, what I got was a show that was nothing short of a powerhouse of rich performances, and gripping action. Here is the brief breakdown.


When Max, a colleague of Police Officers - Theo, Eddie, Walter and Roxane commits suicide after being unfairly blamed for corruption, the team goes all out to hunt down those involved by any means necessary to seek the truth, and exonerate their fallen comrade and his name.

That is the premise in a nutshell.

Let me say this, this is a very dark, brooding and violent show. Far more than I expected. However with a premise like this, it could be nothing but that, to saccharine it, or water it down would remove all traces of authenticity, leaving it 'just another cop show'.

The leads in BRAQUO are fantastic. Each takes their character to levels beyond what they were sworn to uphold in their pledge as a police officer, therefore a "what level will they reach next" is prevalent with each episode, as each episode builds in tension.

I personally cannot wait for Season 2 of this series, a review of that WILL be up here once I have seen it.

I cannot recommend this series enough, go seek it out, you will not be disappointed - but remember, this is in French with subtitles FYI.

I want to thank Beyond Home Entertainment (and Leanne for the recommendation - cheers) for kindly supplying us with this disc for review purposes. You can go visit them HERE


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