Jun 17, 2012

The ‘B’ Team, Episode 4 - The Affordables


Well, finally, it's here. The last part of our 'B' Team series. This is the episode we swore all along to keep quiet about as we thought it would be a nice surprise for you all, instead of just going over another actors illustrious mediocre career.

Anyway, in this episode we are again joined by our good friend Andrew Farmer as we assemble our OWN team of 80's and 90's action heroes. Who needs The Expendables, when for a budget price you can have 'The Affordables'. That's right, why spend 200 million dollars on a film, when for, say, 2 million you can assemble your own team of action heroes... they just aren't on a first name basis like The Expendables, but who cares.

So, sit back and listen as we pick not only our band of heroes, but also we give you the bad guy, the henchmen, the paper thin heavily contrived plot and a director also.



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