May 30, 2011

Guilty Pleasure challenge no. 1 - Dragonball Evolution.


Making good from a little while back, Stu finally decided it was time to watch DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION and review it. Instead though of reviewing it, both of us sat down while Stu was in Memphis and decided to do an audio commentary for it instead. This was tough going, although only 80 mins it was a bitch to get through, listen to this and hear exactly our thoughts on this hot mess.

Please note* If you wish to sync up with us, you will need the REGION 1 DVD of this title, if not then go ahead and enjoy listening to it anyway.


May 20, 2011

Interview with Film Producer Ryan Watt

Here is an interview that was conducted while Stu was holidaying in Memphis. In this episode Stu and Hunter interview film producer Ryan Watt of Paper Moon Films ('Open Five' and the upcoming 'The Romance of Loneliness') on how he got into the business, how you can get into it and of course the films he and his production company have been a part of. A big thank you to Ryan for being gracious enough to allow time out of his very busy schedule, to allow us to interview him.


May 12, 2011

Thor: Never Let Down Your Asgard


So after snagging some big burgers from Burly's here in Memphis, Stu and I decided to do a spur-the-moment recording on the movie Thor since we both caught it in the theaters recently.  The recording was done over beer and burgers, so it's a bit laid back.

Stuart had been apprehensive about Chris Hemsworth starring in in the titular role because Stu had the misfortune of being subjected to this image on Australian television.  Every.  Single. Day.


Granted, this is a complaint coming from a man who enjoys watching Steve Gutenberg rollerskate down the streets of New York in hot pants to music by the village people.  But whatever.  Enjoy folks!

May 10, 2011

Chuck’s Favorite Hat: Forced Vengeance Commentary


Stu is here in the wetlands of Memphis, and we recorded the first of four planned shows during Stu's stay here.  It seemed high time for us to record a commentary over one of the films of Mr. Carlos "Chuck" Norris.  We elected to his Hong Kong action movie Forced Vengeance, where bad guys keep stepping on Chuck's favorite hat, the bastards.  So grab a copy of the movie (on region 1 DVD for syncing purposes) and watch this thing with us!



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