Mar 30, 2011

Super Special #2: The Podcasters Summit

Hi all Well here is a new episode.. sort of. On Saturday March 19th Hunter was part of a panel of Podcasters, comprising of members from the Midnight Movie Cowboys, United States of Geekdom and also Nowhere In Mulberry. What have here is the recording of this summit (held at All-Con in Dallas, Texas).

Listen in and hear of the humble beginnings of the podcasters at hand, along with a few other amusing stories they share with the audience.

Many thanks to our buddy Rick Gutierrez from The United States of Geekdom for supplying us with this, to share with you, The Midnight Movie Cowboys listeners.

Mar 11, 2011

Super Special #1: 10 From ‘10

Hey all, the Midnight Movie Cowboys are BACK for 2011 with our first episode. Here Hunter and Stu take a look back at 2010 and shout out their top 10, along with a few other mentions along the way.

remember to visit us at or email us at Catch us on twitter at MMCowboys, or join our facebook page - Midnight Movie Cowboys podcast.

thanks for listening - enjoy.

Mar 1, 2011

New episode coming!

Hey everybody, Hunter here!

Miss us?  We've been popping up here and there over at The United States of Geekdom in the past few months, but now Stu and I have recorded our first show of 2011 and are back in full swing, so keep your eyes on your iTunes feeds and/or on the site, because it's coming soon!


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