Sep 28, 2010

Episode 0 - Who the #@&! do we think we are?

Welcome to our inaugural episode of the Midnight Movie Cowboys podcast. In this episode Hunter and Stu give a brief rundown of who they are and we also discuss a bunch of movies that shaped us into the cinema tragics we are today. We also mention the podcasts that have inspired us and ones we just plain ol' like. Thanks for listening.

Sep 24, 2010

Midnight Movie Cowboys

Hi Everybody. Let me officially welcome you, on behalf of Hunter and Myself to our Podcast 'Midnight Movie Cowboys'. We are really excited to bring you this show which will look at all styles and genres of film, with perspectives from 2 guys from different sides of the Pacific.

Please feel free to contact us also, either via email or by leaving us a recorded mp3, we welcome all listener feedback and will incorporate it into our shows, or into dedicated listener feedback episodes.

Thanks for listening, Enjoy.



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