The Fog and Prom Night (with Watch this Movie)




Hey fam, well we got a special one for you this week. Not only do we have a horror double feature we're covering, it's also a podcast double feature. That's right, we were lucky to have our friends over at the Watch this Movie podcast on with us.

We are joined by Mulder and Wolfie to look at two films from 1980, both starring Jamie Lee Curtis (even if she is completely off her face throughout them)

This is a very lengthy episode, with quite a few tangents (we couldn't help ourselves)  and a lot of laughs, good times with these guys, our paths will cross again. Thanks fellas for being on with us.

So grab your favourite snacks and beverage and listen on with us, we'll be back to complete Horror month on the MMC here on Halloween.

You can find Watch this Movie on Twitter HERE

You can find their Website HERE



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