The Film Thugs Movie Show


Howdy everyone, Hunter here!

First things first, Stu and I are recording Episode 1 tomorrow, given some time constraints that have fallen upon Stu and I this week, the show's not gonna be as snazzed up in post-production as Episode 0, so this show might be a bit rough around the edges by comparison, but future shows will have the bells and whistles in terms of music and clips.  Since our podcast is still in its infancy, we want to get something out for you guys in a timely manner, and the topic we have cooking is a fun one, so it'll be a great show, we just don't want you all thinking we're shirking our post-production duties from now on.

So I joined Jim Dirkes from The Film Thugs Movie Show on Friday to fill in for Clarkson Campbell, and the show is now up for your listening pleasure.  Head on over to their site to check it out, or you could do the right thing and subscribe to their show on iTunes if you haven't already!  The topic is's list of the top 20 festival break-out films of the last 20 years, and the topics discussed include Ed Burns, transvestites, the amount of rape in the oeuvre of Todd Solondz, and the color scheme in Little Miss Sunshine.  Go now and enjoy it!


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