Movie Trading Club: Last Days Here & V/H/S



So, here is an interesting idea Hunter came up with - Movie Trading Club. As we are ALWAYS telling each other to 'watch this film', why not make it fun and assign each other a film that they HAVE to watch, and we discuss the film each of of us has given the other.

HOWEVER - This is the part where we want the you guys, the listeners, to get involved. As we will always announce what will be reviewed (or discussed in our terms) next on Movie Trading Club, we want your input on either one or both films. Send us an email with text for us to read out on the show or a recorded mp3 and we will incorporate it into the episode. Please send these to the email only, and place in the header MOVIE TRADING CLUB.

First 2 films off the rank is the documentary LAST DAYS HERE and the yet to be released (at the point in time of this post) V/H/S. Let me tell you exactly what we think of these films, these films are.... nah listen to the episode for all that.


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