Miami Vice: Pilot




Hey fam, we're back with a new episode, well John is, and oh my god, look which lazy turd has finally decided to resurface? Stu is finally back.

On this episode Stu and John look at the 1984 pastel wonder that is the Miami Vice Pilot film (AKA Brothers Keeper Parts 1 & 2)

We talk, the film, the actors and yeah man... the colors.

Apologies from Stu for this one, he's scratchy, rusty and tired AF after a long nights work the night before, and little sleep (super manager Winston Humphrey has scolded him for this, and assures us it won't happen again mon)

So sit back, and enjoy the 80's all over again, with this Miami Vice review.

All 3 MMC hosts are back next episode, where we delve into some more Michael Mann television.


The Guys

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