Hard ‘N Heavy Vol. 1



Well folks, we are back from our Easter break, and laying upon you all the wonder of the video magazine. Remember those? Nope, not many of you would. Well in this episode, we cover (and we have been threatening it for a while now) Vol. 1 of the Hard Rockin' gem known as the Hard 'N Heavy video magazine.

In this issue, we break down every part of this video, the ridiculous interviews, the Nu 4 U section, what does Lemmy have  in his Trick or Treat bag? And who the f**k are The Party Ninjas?

As promised in the episode, here is the video to the awesome track 'Fatman' by Mammoth.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this episode, we will cover Vol. 2 sometime down the line. In the meantime, remember, if it's lewd, crude and rude, it's HARD N HEAVY!!!!

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