Halloween III: Season of the Witch



6 more days til Halloween.... 3 more days til Halloween....1 more day til Halloween etc. etc. Know the jingle? Then you will be very familiar with our episode for this week. We look at one of the most polarising horror films, not just in a franchise, but in general - Halloween III: Season of the Witch,

This week, Hunter and Stu, in John's absence and his disdain for horror films, look at one of their favourite films in the very uneven, Halloween series - Halloween III.

Did we like it? Why did this film fail? How awesome is Tom Atkins? And just how hot is Stacey Nelkin? We pose the questions, and we may have the answers.

Anyway, put on your masks (you know we just had to say that) and tune in with us, don't worry, you'll be guaranteed not to die a death of bugs and snakes if you do.

See ya next week
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