Episode 13 - Fury Of The Little Dragon



Bruce Lee. Everybody loves him, and that includes us AND our friends over at the Damaged Viewing podcast Louis Fowler and John Grace who were both kind enough to join us on this episode.

In this one, it's pretty straight forward - it's all things Bruce Lee. His films, his early life before he got big, his death, as much as we could possibly cram into this epic recording session. Here is the result of that session.

Now, this is part 1 of our 2 part Bruce Lee special


Part 2 will NOT be on this site, or even on our feed. No, part 2 is going to be over at the Damaged Viewing site / feed, so if you want it  (of course you want it) you are going to have to go over there and get it. We will let you guys know when it drops and where to get it. In the meantime, check out this 'un.


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