All Filler, No Killer Part III




Hey friends, So, we had an idea for a show, then realised it maybe wasn't going to fill up a great deal of time, and we'd have to tangent a bit to give one of our full length episodes, so we decided to go back to the well (AKA the easy way out) and continue with our (very popular) All Filler, No Killer series.


So, yeah, it's all about the tangents, rants and discussions about anything that comes to mind. What's in this one? Well we discuss..... nah screw it, listen on, and find out for yourself. There's plenty of things covered in this one.


The link to the download, for The Shaggs album discussed within (ok, that's one thing we talk about) can be found HERE <---- (click this link in other words)



See ya next week

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