All Filler, No Killer Part II




Hey friends, well, you wanted it, you got it. The MMC rants and tangents seem to be a huge hit with listeners (it baffles the three of us but whatever) so we decided to do All Filler, No Killer Part II. 

On this one, we just sit down and talk about a bunch of stuff. Tom Cruise, Satanism, Electric Light Orchestra and Bruce Lees' Cocaine Ring being but some of the things we discuss. Sound like fun? Then listen on, these types of conversations can only be done as the MMC do them.

The All Filler, No Killer episodes will be what we label future tangent episodes, we'll try and do one every 6-8 weeks, sometimes it's good to ditch the film review and just talk (and it's something we can do with but little notice).

See ya next episode


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