Jul 30, 2021

Woody Allen, Universal Monsters, and Summer Movies



Hunter, John, and Eric have a three part discussion involving Woody Allen's career and cancellation, the legacy of Universal Monster movies, and summer movies, which aren't a thing anymore since it's summer year-round in Hollywood now. Tune in!

Jul 21, 2021

All Filler, No Killer Part II



Hey friends, well, you wanted it, you got it. The MMC rants and tangents seem to be a huge hit with listeners (it baffles the three of us but whatever) so we decided to do All Filler, No Killer Part II. 

On this one, we just sit down and talk about a bunch of stuff. Tom Cruise, Satanism, Electric Light Orchestra and Bruce Lees' Cocaine Ring being but some of the things we discuss. Sound like fun? Then listen on, these types of conversations can only be done as the MMC do them.

The All Filler, No Killer episodes will be what we label future tangent episodes, we'll try and do one every 6-8 weeks, sometimes it's good to ditch the film review and just talk (and it's something we can do with but little notice).

See ya next episode


Jul 14, 2021

MMC Horror Sequel Vs. [Vol.1] - Friday the 13th Part 2 Vs A Nightmare on Elm Street 2



Hey friends, we're back with a new episode, and its into the 80's slasher arena we go. No John on this one, so whenever that happens (which is very rare) Stu and Hunter cannot resist covering a horror movie... or two.


On this one, we decided to pit 2 horror sequels, of very famous franchises, against each other. 2 films that were the second in the series, and both rushed out a year after their first films, became a huge hit.


Is it possible that both films aren't quite the film that their original counterparts are? Or, heaven forbid, they could even be better than the original? To find out what we think, you'll need to listen, and find out.


See ya next episode

Jul 7, 2021

Crime Story: Pilot



Hey friends, new episode for you all. This time the 3 of us are back together, after a horrifically long time apart. We carry on our 1980's Michael Mann Television adventure. After last weeks episode of Miami Vice, we decided to keep striking while the iron is hot and do the Crime Story Pilot film.

How does this one stack up against Miami Vice? Well we thought it was..... sorry, you need to listen in and find out

See you next episode 

The guys

Jul 1, 2021

Miami Vice: Pilot



Hey fam, we're back with a new episode, well John is, and oh my god, look which lazy turd has finally decided to resurface? Stu is finally back.

On this episode Stu and John look at the 1984 pastel wonder that is the Miami Vice Pilot film (AKA Brothers Keeper Parts 1 & 2)

We talk, the film, the actors and yeah man... the colors.

Apologies from Stu for this one, he's scratchy, rusty and tired AF after a long nights work the night before, and little sleep (super manager Winston Humphrey has scolded him for this, and assures us it won't happen again mon)

So sit back, and enjoy the 80's all over again, with this Miami Vice review.

All 3 MMC hosts are back next episode, where we delve into some more Michael Mann television.


The Guys


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