May 27, 2021




Burt Reynolds stars and directs in this Elmore Leonard adaptation, Stick. Hunter, John, and Eric talk about the movie, but we mostly talk about Burt himself, from his rise and fall as a movie star, the various phases of his career, his directing credits, why he never got a big directing career like his pal Clint Eastwood, and more. 

May 21, 2021

Tarzan and the Valley of Gold



This week, John, Hunter, and Eric take a look at Tarzan and the Valley of Gold, the 1966 film starring Mike Henry. Being a Tarzan episode, we can't help but talk about the character, the books, the various Tarzans, and more.

May 14, 2021

Dick Tracy


John, Hunter, and Eric dive into Warren Beatty's colorful comic book pop culture event, Dick Tracy. Tangents are had about newspaper comic strips, the innovative-yet-awful Dick Tracy NES video game, the forties movies, the serials, millennial hipster humor surrounding Garfield, and Beatty's strange career as the King of Hollywood. 

May 5, 2021




Zolly Becker joins John and Hunter to discuss Mark A.Z. Dippé's 1997 adaptation of Todd MacFarlane's seminal nineties edgelord comic, Spawn. We talk about the film's weird legacy, comics in the nineties, comics today, the Toddfather, Image comics, toys, and why Michael Jai White never became a real movie star. 



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