Dec 14, 2020

Rock Month: Killing Joke [Part 1]



Ok, after an almighty long wait since the last episode, and an eternity since Rock Month from last year (it basically got shelved indefinitely), we decided to give you just ONE Rock Month episode this year, well, one band split over 2 episodes.

On this one Stu and Hunter are joined by friend of the show, and Metalocalypse look-a-like Daniel Kiestler.

We discuss the 2013 Killing Joke documentary - The Death and Resurrection Show, and the insanity of KJ frontman Jaz Coleman. We also discuss, the huge, but widely unheralded, impact of Killing Joke's music.... more to come on that one when we do Part 2 of this very special Rock Month episode.

P.S - for those of you who are excited to see RM return, savour it, this WILL be the last one we ever do. RM was fun for the 6-7 years we did it, but we've done all we could with it. We'll still discuss music on the show, heck we may even do the odd episode dedicated to a band or artists new release, or rock documentary, but in terms of Rock Month... it's dead. Sorry fam.



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