Oct 10, 2020

FM [1978]



Alright now, time to slip off them shoes, turn on your radio, and switch that dial to 102.1 MMC radio. This week the gang look at an Arrowshelf title (so you know darn well whose pick this is) FM from 1978.


Now for those of you who have seen it, the comparisons to WKRP in Cincinnati are unmistakable, we do go into that, but we also talk the film itself of course. A lost gem, with a pulsating soundtrack, this is one we think you need to see.... or is it? listen on and find out.

P.S - we will be doing ONE Rock Month episode this year. It was originally abandoned for 2020, but seeing as Doc Month was a disaster, we will bringing you a Rock Month episode very shortly, listen to this episode for details. 


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