Sep 27, 2020

The X-Files: D.P.O.



John and Hunter are back to talk about another episode of The X-Files. This time, we look at the episode "D.P.O." from season three, featuring an electrifying Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black doing the hesher thing he used to do in everything. The content here lead to a long discussion about the nineties, Filter, Sega, the Vandals, and all kinds of other tangents relating to this episode.

Let us know if you dig these X-Files episodes! Enjoy!



Sep 3, 2020

Questions / Answers / Banter



Welcome to Week 3 of Doc Month.... NOT! Sorry folks, Doc Month is done, incomplete, but hey, you can't win 'em all.

So anyway, this episode, we decided to go casual, and do a Q & A with the MMC. There is a lot of banter in this one, a freeform, devoid of topic show.

2 hours of MMC for you all to enjoy.

Links to some of the discussions within.

Woman on the front of the Black Sabbath album cover.

Dr. Fukk Youtube Channel


P.S - At the time of this recording, Anthony Nesbitts' Youtube channel WAS active, unfortunately, it has now been shut down, hence why no link to it here.


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