Jul 7, 2020

Doc Month: TFW No GF



Like, there's no Rock Month man, like, my life sucks. I just wanna die, like what is this doc month? like, why does the MMC have to be such dic-


Right! now, in lieu of no Rock Month this year, instead, we have decided to do Doc Month.

What is Doc Month you ask? Well, this month, we will be looking at Documentaries nobody else will cover, but ones we think you will be interested in. First one off the rank for July is Hunter's pic - TFW No GF. A documentary on the (self imposed) outcasts of society - Incels, and the struggle they have with adjusting to social life, unaided by a keyboard or monitor.

It's a sad, sometimes funny, but mostly fascinating look into the life of an Incel.

So sit back, don your cowboy hat and spurs, or oversized windbreakers, or whatever the hell individualises you, and listen on.

like, enjoy, while you laugh at my miserable life maaaannnn.


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